Monday, July 24, 2017

On the way....

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Mine was great even though it went by way too fast. I had a nice visit with my mom. We didn't do much because it was just too darned hot. We watched a couple of movies, cooked together and talked. It was a wonderful indoor weekend.

There are quite a few new designs that will be arriving soon. Take a look....

From Country Cottage Needleworks
My favorite main street building so far...the coffee shop.

Main Street Coffee Shop                 Time for Tea              

From Little House Needleworks
If you are stitching the Early Americans series all together, "Freedom" is the center block. Although, it makes a nice piece all by itself. 

                Freedom                        Fresh Brewed Coffee
#5 in the Early Americans Series                                                    

From Lizzie Kate
A perfect design for Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday).

Celebrate with Charm: Thanks

From With Thy Needle & Thread
These will look so cute with lesson #1.

Summer Schoolhouse - Lesson #2

From Hands on Design
This is just a peek at a new design Cathy will be releasing in September. Looks good so far!

Pumpkin Spice Farm

From Praiseworthy Stitches
Another great Halloween house!

Mummy's Moonlight Cafe

Autumn Quaker

From Imaginating
Four very different designs. "Cardinals Joy" is my favorite of the bunch.

Adventure Awaits                                Let's Ride         

Cardinals Joy                         Beach Signs II

From Stoney Creek
These are some really "cool" ornaments.

Christmas Ornaments IV                     Christmas Ornaments V

From The Vickery Collection
Two nice designs. The "peppers" look garden fresh and the "general store" is very nostalgic.

 Peppers                                      General Store

From Waxing Moon Designs
A creepy version of Mary Mary Quite Contrary.

Old Witch Mary

From Kit & Bixby
A nice home sweet home sampler featuring two cute sheep.

Star House in the Pines

Have a great week
Happy Stitching!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Where has the summer gone?

July is just marching by. I can't believe it is already July 17th. My kids will be going back to school Before you know it, Christmas will be here (and with that thought in mind, it is never too early to start your holiday stitching).

Take a look at some new designs that will be arriving soon. Maybe the perfect gift idea is on the way. 

From Plum Street Samplers
Another batch of great designs from Plum Street. My two favorites are "Judge Not" (love all the different sheep) and "A Thousand Hills".

Berry Cottage

A Thousand Hills

Judge Not

Sampler House III                Sampler House IV 

From Scattered Seed Samplers
"Sewing" doesn't mend my soul but cross stitch sure does. 

  Mend Thy Soul                            Heart of Wisdom

From La D Da
Beautiful sampler. Reminds me of folk art.

Auspicious Hope

From Bobbie G. Designs
A bright and colorful snowman design. Looks like it would be fun to stitch.

Believe in the Magic

From Abby Rose Designs
Nice Christmas pillow. Love the pineapple.

Comfort & Joy

From Summer House Stitche Workes
The final two designs in the series.

2107 Fragments in Time #7       2017 Fragments in Time #8

From My Big Toe
I usually like the designs from My Big Toe and these are no exception but the one I really want to stitch is "More Than Coffee". My family would totally understand this.

       Amazing Grace                   Christmas Pinkies VI

More Than Coffee

From Heartstring Samplery
Another addition to the alphabet series. The best so far, in my opinion.

B is for Beekeeper

From Nora Corbett (Mirabilia)
More mermaids! These are very nice (and not too big) but I'm not adding these to my collection. I'm working on my 3rd mermaid now and at this rate my whole house will be nothing but mermaids. (ha ha)

La Petite Mermaid Collection
Luce Mia                                     Cara Mia

From The Drawn Thread
Two gorgeous designs.

Be Here Now

Welcome - Summer



Monday, July 10, 2017

Happy July 10th!

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July. It was a great break for me. I also discovered a new flavor of ice cream that I just love...chocolate raspberry truffle...YUM! I was also able to stitch some which is always a great thing. 

Even though it is summer and people are traveling, the designers are still creating wonderful new designs. Take a look at some of the newest designs that will be arriving in the shop soon. 

From Lizzie Kate
New designs to get us ready for the fall and Christmas seasons.

Autumn Smalls

                   Tiny Tidings XXII                             The Elves Did It-
                                                                                     Santa 2017

This mystery will unfold in 3 parts.
Part 1 in September, part 2 in October and part 3 in November.
Each part will also include a bonus design.

I'll keep you informed as more info becomes available.

From Death by Thread
I love how this looks like it's raveling away at the end.

Star Coverlet

From -From the Heart
A very patriotic design. Love the fireworks!

July Mini Sampler

From Stoney Creek

                           Wedding Keepsakes                Lighthouse of the Month - July                   

From The Vickery Collection
What a bright and fun birthday design.
You Say It's Your Birthday     

From Pineberry Lane
The sampler reads..."Youth is the morning bright and gay And if tis spent in wisdoms way We meet old age without dismay And death is sweet at last.

Elizabeth Baker 1844

From Ink Circles
I don't have any cacti to arrange but my kitchen aids could use some

              Arranging Cacti            Arranging the Kitchen Aids

Reflections of Cairo

From Needle Bling Designs
A wonderful red, white and blue welcome.

Patriotic Wee Welcome

From Cross Eyed Cricket
Two beach-like designs. I especially like the flamingo flip flops.

Down East

Going Coastal

From Hands on Design
The last two designs in the 12 Days series and the final 3 designs in the caffeinated series. I wonder what series will be next?

12 Days - Pipers & Drummers

    Cool Beans - Rise & Grind            Cool Beans - Cuppa' Cuppa'

Cool Beans - A Hug in a Cup

Have a great week!