Monday, October 23, 2017

New "treats" coming soon!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Now, it is Monday again (ughhhh). Time to start another work week. Here's to hoping it will go by quickly. I am off this Saturday and looking forward to spending a lot of time stitching. YAY! Didn't do much this past weekend due to work and a visit from my sister. Even though I didn't get a chance to stitch, I did enjoy visiting with her.

New "treats" are on the way and I don't mean candy (although, chocolate is good). Take a look at some of the new designs that will be arriving soon and let the inspiration strike!

From Country Cottage Needleworks
Great choice of fabric for this very festive design.

Wonderful Time of Year

From Waxing Moon Designs
This is absolutely hilarious and so true. 

Christmas Pounds

From The Vickery Collection
A beautiful collection of ornaments. I assume metallic fibers were used on these. Hard to tell in this picture but I bet they are shiny.
Holiday Sparkle

From Thistles
A very woodsy Santa.

Father Winter

From Stoney Creek
Five new designs. My favorite is "Comfort & Joy". I just love the cardinal. He is simply beautiful.

Lighthouse of the Month             Autumn Leaf         

   Comfort & Joy                  Christmas Towels

Christmas Ornaments VI

From Annalee Waite Designs
The "Bees & Trees" design comes with the heart button and the "Two Ghosts One Spider" is too cute. I'd like to do it for next Halloween.

              Bees & Trees                    Two Ghosts One Spider    

From Scissor Tail Designs
Wonderful Christmas designs.

Christmas Stocking Ornaments        Santa at the Tree Farm        

From - From the Heart
Looks like the cat is star gazing while sitting in the pumpkin patch. Possibly waiting for the Great Pumpkin to appear.

October Mini Sampler

From Imaginating
The snowmen mittens are so cute. The little happy faces just make me smile.

Meet Me in Paris                        Flower Friends 

             Love Lives Here                   Snowman Mitten Ornaments 

From Foxwood Crossings
More designs for the small sleds. These are great gift ideas. Very quick to stitch and easy to finish. Love the bird designs!

Witchy Woman Apothecary

Snowy Barns                          Snowy Visitors

From Dames of the Needle
I think this design would also make a cute ornament or even a small pillow.

Believe Drum

Have a great week!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Coming Soon!

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I spent mine doing chores around the house and raking leaves....ughhhhh. Wish I could say that I will not have to rake anymore but there are still a billion more leaves yet to fall from the trees around my house. Oh joy! 

On a more positive note, I did get some stitching done. Yay! Take a look at some of the new designs that will be arriving in the shop soon. I think a few of these will be heading straight to my "stash" as soon as they arrive.

From Hands on Design
The felt leaves, which are included in the chart, give the sunflowers a very fun effect. 

Sunshine on a Stem               Stitching is My Heart's Desire

From Heart in Hand
A new quick to stitch series called Merry Making Minis. Each of these designs is printed on a small card and includes the beads. They look absolutely adorable. 

 Merry Making Mini - Tree        Merry Making Mini - Bear

    Merry Making Mini - Peace      Bird in the Hand - Christmas

From Heartstring Samplery
I love both of these designs but the sampler is my favorite. The verse reads..."Someday at Christmas man will not fail, Hate will be gone - Love will prevail. When we've found what life's really worth, There'll be peace on Earth". 

  Someday at Christmas                         Winter Snow          

From Bobbie G. Designs
A beautiful piece. The colors are amazing.

We Three Kings

From Abby Rose Designs
Two lovely Christmas designs. The mini stocking ornament would be quick to stitch (my favorite kind of project). 

 Tulip Basket Ornament                     Yuletide on Thistle Hill                  

From Country Cottage Needleworks
The seventh design in the Main Street series. 

Main Street Cafe

From Lucy Beam
I think "Plenty" would make a really cute pillow or ornament.

Bee A Haunting                                  Plenty   

From Kathy Barrick
This is a companion piece to Kathy's "Heaven and Nature sing". The black swan is simply elegant.

Repeat the Sounding Joy

From Mirabilia
A beautiful oriental piece.

    Miss Cherry Blossom    

From Sue Hillis
These ornaments would make a very spooktacular Halloween tree. The small brown sled ornaments have been painted with Halloween colors. What a cute idea! 

Monster Mash                                          Witch Hat? 

From The Vickery Collection
For some reason, this really appeals to me. It's different. 

Oak of the Year


Have a great week!



Monday, October 9, 2017

Happy Columbus Day!

Happy Columbus Day! For those of you fortunate enough to have the day off...enjoy! If you are like me and have to work, then it's just another Monday (ughhhh). Although, today is an extra special Monday for me. It's my husbands birthday. Woo hoo! He is not overly excited about it so I'll be excited for him. Maybe his day will improve after he receives his presents tonight. Presents and cake should make any day a little brighter. Don't you think?

Here are some new designs heading this way....

From Amaryllis Artworks
I just love all the Quaker Ball designs but this Halloween design is just too cute. I may have to try this one.

Halloween Ball

From Plum Street Samplers
This is a fun woodsy sampler with a deer and his friends romping in the forest. It's hard to see in this picture but there is also a fox, owl, squirrel and some crows.

Friends of the Hart

From Stoney Creek
The two Halloween designs are both "spooktacular" but my favorite of these is the "Give Thanks" design. It is simply gorgeous!

Spooktacular Halloween                         Happy Boos to You  

Give Thanks

From Tiny Modernist
This is the first part in a 3 part Christmas Mystery Sampler and is the left hand side of the design (the border is available in another chart). From what I can tell so far, this looks to be a fun Christmas piece.

Christmas Stitch A Long - Part 1

From Deb Bee's Designs
These Halloween designs are fun and colorful. I really like how they are displayed in the pot of candy. Yum!

Halloween Stake Out

From La D Da
This is the best and most meaningful Christmas sampler that I have seen. This is so going into my stash. Not sure when I'll get it started though.

Tidings of Great Joy

From Needlework Press
A lovely reproduction sampler.

Jannet Speirs 1813

From New York Dreamer
A very nice rendition of this very popular verse. Ugh, another design to go into my stash. I really need to stop hoarding cross stitch designs.... but I won't. 

Lord is My Shepherd


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