Monday, January 15, 2018

On the way.....

Happy Monday! If you have today off for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, then enjoy it. I know my kids were especially glad to get to sleep in this morning. Long weekends are great. 

Here are some new designs that will be arriving soon. Take a peek!

From Heart in Hand Designs
Two great Valentine designs. These would be quick to stitch and would also make cute ornaments or small pillows. 

Merry Making Mini:

 Floral Heart                                 Yay for Love    

From CM Designs
The snow gnomes are really cute but the snowflakes are beautiful. Wouldn't it look nice to make individual ornaments from the snowflakes? I think so.
     The Winter Snow Gnomes                       The Swingin' Snowflakes    

From Abby Rose Designs
I love the willow trees on either side of the house. 

Friends Gather Here

From Val's Stuff
This is so sweet. I used to sing this to my kids when they were little. 

Ewe are My Sunshine (kit)

From Stoney Creek
Oh my, this is just stunning but I can't even begin to think how long it would take to finish (maybe by Oct. 2023?). For those of you who think this looks familiar, this design was previously published as a series in the Winter 2016 through Autumn 2017 issues of the Stoney Creek Magazine - several of which are out of print. 

Halloween Village Collectors Series Afghan

From Scattered Seeds Samplers
Of this group, "Harvest of Plenty" is my favorite. I just love the squirrels collecting the acorns. 

Pins & Needles Pinpoke                Harvest of Plenty        

Gate Keeper Pinkeep

From Heartstring Samplery
A fun new series for 2018 called "Festive Little Fobs". It features 12 charts (one for each month) with nine little motifs per chart. Some will be seasonal but the rest will have general themes. The first in the series is called "Festive Little Fobs - Valentine Edition".  

     V is for Valentine                      Festive Little Fobs:  
                                                           Valentine Edition

From Summer House Stitche Workes
This new Fragments in Time series features 8 designs inspired by cartouches found on antique samplers. They can be stitched individually or all together to make one larger piece. Parts 1 & 2 will release at the end of January. Parts 3 & 4 will release in March. Parts 5 & 6 will release in May and parts 7 & 8 will release in July.

2018 Fragments in Time Series 
  Fragment #1                                     Fragment #2

From Lizzie Kate
Yay, more "small" designs. Love, love, love, the "Winter Smalls" even though I am truly ready for spring.

   The Things That We Love                     Winter Smalls        
(Inspiration Boxer)                                                          

From Zappy Dots
Zappy Dots is designing coordinating needle nannies for the Farmhouse Ornament Series from Little House Needleworks. A new "nanny" will be released each month to match each design in the series. The first is called "Little Red Barn".

Little Red Barn Needle Nanny


The Nashville Needlework Market is coming up fast.
I will try to blog about some of the new items as they are revealed but 
be sure to check the what's new section on our web as more items will be posted there. 

With that said, here is our first peek......

From Glendon Place
This is an EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION kit. It will only be available to shops attending the market and can not be reordered. The kit will contain everything needed to complete the design. Kits are available with either 14ct. Aida or 28ct. linen.  YOU MUST PLACE YOUR PRE-ORDER BEFORE JANUARY 31, 2018.

Stand For Freedom


Have a great week!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Happy New Year!

Whew, it's been a while since the last blog. I guess it's time to get back to work. I hope everyone had a great holiday. Other than having a cold, mine was great. Now, if only the weather would warm up, life would be so much more comfortable. This bitter cold we have been enduring lately can just go away!

Need an idea for a new project to start the new year with? Well, take a look at some of the new designs that will arriving in the shop soon. Perhaps, the perfect project is just around the corner. Also, don't forget to check the "what's new" section on our website.

From Thistles
The snowman is very unique. His body "swirls" around the #1. I wonder if there will be a #2, #3, ... etc.

1 Long Tall Snowman

Heart 2 Heart                           Flowers in a Pot

From The Vickery Collection
What a bright collection of birdhouses.

Coming Home

From Artful Offerings
Not exactly something we can say around here but the people in the Northeast and other areas of the US could probably agree with this. 

More Snow! Oh No!

From Madame Chantilly
What a great group of designs. I love all the Christmas ones and the first aid kit is a cute idea for a box top.

Halloween Town

Bear and the Tree

Christmas Portrait

En Retard

First Aid Kit

From My Big Toe
More wonderful inspirations from My Big Toe plus a funny (but true) dog/cat design. 

      God Sustains                        Better to Dwell

         Be of Good Courage          Beware of Dog (and Cat!)

From Nora Corbett
A very stunning mermaid. A great addition to Nora's mermaid collection.

Moonlight Laguna Mermaid

From Mill Hill
The new spring series of kits are on the way.

2018 Spring Button & Beads Series

    Crab                                            Seahorse

                 Cabana Beach               Main Street Sweet Shoppe    

 Geraniums                                   That's Amore

2018 Spring Bouquet Ornament Series

Medallion Egg                               Mosaic Egg  

 Pineapple                                   Hamburger

 Beach Bucket                            Classic Bathtub

Charmed Ornaments: Zodiac

Capricorn                      Gemini                         Leo        

        Libra                         Pisces                     Sagittarius   

 Scorpio                        Taurus                         Virgo    

From Glendon Place 
This looks like an awesome Halloween town. Just not sure which Halloween I'd have this done by (probably

Spook Town Square

This is a new 4 part series from Glendon Place. The first part (center gazebo) will be released at the Nashville Needlework Market in early March. Part 2 (the 4 scenes to the right and left of gazebo) will be released in May. Part 3 (the 4 scenes above the gazebo) will be released in July and part 4 (the 4 scenes below the gazebo) will be released in September. The model is stitched on 1/2 yd piece of 28ct. Tarnish from Picture This Plus.


Have a great week!