Monday, December 10, 2018

Brrrrr...It's not Winter Yet!

"Brrrr" is all I can say about this past weekend. We had a little bit of everything: rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow. In other words, a frozen mess. I even watched it snow just a little bit more this morning as I was working on the computer. Glad the weather has moved on but it sure makes me wonder what January and February are going to be like.

Only 15 more days till Christmas. Yikes! I still need to do some shopping and have no clue when that is going to happen. Oh well, maybe i can just give IOU's this Christmas. I'm sure my kids would just love that. :)

Here is a peek at some new designs that will be arriving soon.

From Heartstring Samplery
Great designs for coffee lovers. 

     C is for Coffee                          Festive Little Fobs 
                                                         Coffee Edition

From The Cross Eyed Cricket
A new nativity series. I love that these are stand ups and I can't wait to see what other designs are added to this series.

A Star From The East                          Mary Had a Baby   

From Shepherd's Bush
New Christmas designs from Shepherd's Bush. Love them all!

Have You Any Wool?              Rejoice Rejoice       
                                                  Pincushion Kit

Jolly Santa Tag Kit             Joy To You Tag Kit

Merry Notes                           O Tannenbaum

From Tiny Modernist
More great Christmas designs. I think that the "Christmas Signs" would make great ornaments and the gnomes are just adorable. Santa's House is finally finished and what a fun and festive piece it is.

Cardinal Biscornu                     Christmas Signs 
Gnome for the Holidays

Santa's House Part 6 - Santa's Room

From Stoney Creek
A collection of four very different designs. I love feeding the birds so "Winter Feeding Station" is definitely my favorite.

      Winter Feeding Station     Spring Welcome Lighthouse

Christmas Ornaments X                     It's a Girl            

From Riverdrift House
These might not be "new" designs but this company is new to us. How fun are the patchwork birds? Love them!

Birds Patchwork Style

Jane Austen Sampler

From Pickle Barrel Designs
This company has the most fun designs. Love all these and yes, naughty is the new nice!

    Elfie                                       Santa 2-Pack

Dear Santa


Monday, December 3, 2018

Hello December!

WOW! only 22 days til Christmas. I better get myself in gear because I am so not ready for it. I did manage to get my house decorated this past weekend except for the tree. That will be done this coming weekend. Now, I just need to find some time to shop. 

Speaking of shopping, take a look at some new designs that will be arriving in the store soon. A project for the new year could be on the way (and we all need more projects).

From Just Nan
Another cute little stocking for the Gingerbread Mouse (sold separately) to hide in and a very gorgeous ornament with a dragonfly.

Gingerbread Mouse                 Christmas Dragon Ornament
   Reindeer Stocking                                  with Charm                

From The Victoria Sampler
The gingerbread house looks yummy but the mice are too cute.

         Gingerbread Hollow         Gingerbread Mice Ornaments

From Shepherd's Bush
The new stocking is coming. I really love the dress on this one.

Lois's Stocking

From Hands on Design
This is my favorite of the Chalk on the Farm series even if it does make me feel cold looking at it.

Chalk on the Farm - Winter Wonderland Farm

From My Big Toe
What lovely verses and sayings.

Pray Without Ceasing              Love Completely         

Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled

From Waxing Moon Designs
Every stitcher needs to stitch this.

Stitching Each Day

From Bobbie G Designs
The best way to go a camper.

Winter Camper


From Little House Needleworks

Jack Frost's Tree Farm

A new seven part series that will start in February. The designs can be stitched either individually or all together.  The models are stitched on 30ct. Portobello linen using threads from Classic Colorworks. 



Monday, November 26, 2018

November is almost over!

November is almost gone and that means Christmas is just around the corner. If you are stitching gifts, get those fingers flying because there is not much time left. If you need us to frame something, please bring it to us within the next 2 weeks. December 8th is the cut off date to guarantee for Christmas. 

Do you want to start looking for a new project to bring in the New Year?  Well, here are some designs that will be arriving soon. Maybe your next project is on the way.

From Cottage Garden Samplings
The next design in the series features a Baltimore Oriole and Peonies. Love the flowers.

Songbird's Garden Series #6:
Summer Bliss

From Homespun Elegance
More lovely designs from Sandra. I really like them all but I think "Faith" is my favorite.

Avery's 2018 Ornament              Delivering the Trees 

Joyous Faith

From Blackberry Lane
A Christmas cute!

At Home for Christmas

From Val's Stuff
What fun designs. The chart pack contains both charts plus the perforated paper and felt. 

Two Merry Moos

From Mani Di Donna
These designs are a little late for this year but in perfect time for next year. 

Thanksgiving Pillows                       Happy Thanks      

From Little House Needleworks
"Sugar and Spice" make everything nice. It also makes for some yummy gingerbread.

Sugar and Spice

From Erica Michaels
Two new caroling berries (which I like as pillow ornaments) and a "cool" design that defines winter.

  Star of Wonder                         Joy to the World

Defining Winter

From Country Cottage Needleworks
The second house in the Glitter House Village series features a pink cottage...very nice. "Happy Holidays" is a very festive design but I would like it better in more traditional Christmas colors (but that is just my opinion). 

Glitter House 2                           Happy Holidays

From Imaginating
Four very different designs. Great ideas for possibly a teacher, photographer or someone in the midwest.

Let's Thank Someone            Let's Visit the Midwest

          Let's Make Memories          Barn With Winter Quilts

From Annalee Waite Designs
Fun seasonal designs. Love the Halloween ones. Better get started now!

Little Christmas Ornaments      Hooray for Halloween    

From Abby Rose Designs
Wonderful Christmas designs. I love them all! 

              Joyeux Noel                   Sampler Stockings 2018