Monday, January 18, 2021

Coming Soon!

Happy Monday! Another weekend went flying by. However, I was able to get some stitching done. I will have another project finished by the end of this week (Yay!). I already have two projects that are in framing and should be done in a week or so. My fingers have been flying. 

Here are some new designs that will be arriving soon.

From Nora Corbett
Two new designs in the Holiday in the Forest series. The bear is just adorable.

Winter Bear                                        Winter Hare

From Hands on Design
Three fun designs from Cathy. She will have finishing instructions for "First Frost" on her website.

First Frost                                              Hop on Inn

With This Needle

From Just Nan
The fourth and final design in the Mouse on a Roll series is finally on the way and it is so cute. 
This is a limited edition design so get it while you can.

Queen's Snowflake

              Winter Mouse Scissor Roll             Swan Queen Needle Slide

From Summer House Stitche Workes
The 2021 Fragments in Time series are Tales from the Sea. They were inspired by antique sailor art, valentines and scrimshaw. The first two parts will release this month and the remaining parts will release in March, May and July. 

2021 Fragments in time #1                 2021 Fragments in Time #2

Respond With Love

From Heartstring Samplery
What beautiful designs. I really love the Amazing Grace.

Amazing Grace                      Be Mine Biscornu

Let Your Light Shine                           Next Door        

The Scarlett House
Two new samplers and a very cute "home" pillow. The motifs and colors in the Ceesie Smitt sampler are lovely. I may add that one to my stash. 

        Ceesie Smitt 1822                      Little Deeds Sampler

No Place Like Home

From X's and Oh's
The cuteness factor for this design is off the charts. Can you say..awwwwww!

From Silver Creek Samplers
This saying is so true. The snowman and bunny are cute too!

Give Greatly

From Scattered Seeds Samplers
This is a sweet pincushion. Depending on size, it would make a cute ornament too.

Out on a Limb

From Artful Offerings
A lovely bee sampler.

Honey Hill Hamlet Sampler

From Heart in Hand
The annual collectors heart. This one seems very appropriate for the times.

2021 Collector's Heart

Monday, January 11, 2021

FINALLY....a new post!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I'm sorry that it has been so long since I posted anything. My intentions were to only miss 2 weeks (not 3).  Despite the long absence, I'm back and ready to go. Do you need some new year inspiration? Well, take a look at some fun and lovely designs that will be arriving soon.

From Mill Hill
The new spring series of Mill Hill kits has been released. There are some really cute ones!

 Buttons & Beads 2021 Spring Series

 Citrus                                                Dahlia  

Garden Sampler                         Summer Cottage

Ladybug on Daisy                         Rainbow Trout  

2021 Spring Bouquet

Ella Phant                                      French Fries 

Frosted Cake                                   My Sunshine

Namaste                                               Puzzled   

From With Thy Needle & Thread
Lovely new designs from Brenda. "Say You Have" is a little different for her but I love it. The little froggie is adorable and the saying is perfect.

Love Notes

Winter Gatherings

Say You Have... a cross stitcher's confession

From Erica Michaels
"Peaceful Woodlands" is a companion piece to her design "Hearthside Christmas".  It is a very pretty band sampler featuring woodland motifs. The berry designs are also included.

Peaceful Woodlands

From Little Stitch Girl
A new series featuring a fun saying for each month and a very "chilly" addition to the Seasonal Street series. 

Just Sayin' - February            Just Sayin' - January 

Winter Way

From Cottage Garden Samplings
The first design in a new 12 part series. This first one is so cute, I can't wait to see the others.

A Time for All Seasons Part 1 - It's Snow Time

From Waxing Moon Designs
Another adorable set of monthly designs.

Monthly Trios - April, May June

From Tiny Modernist
I love how these are finished. So cute!

Seasonal Bell Jars