Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nashville Market PREVIEW!

Next weekend (Feb. 24, 25, & 26) is the Nashville Needlework Market. Peggy and Carol are getting ready to go and!!!!! They will be bringing back lots of wonderful new fibers, fabrics, patterns, etc.The designers have been holding back with new designs since Christmas in order to have lots of new things to show at Nashville. But guess what? I have some sneak peeks of things that will be releasing  at market. If you see something that you want, either on this blog or elsewhere on the Internet, let the shop know (title and designer) and Peggy and Carol will bring it back from Nashville.

Nashville Market Sneak Peeks!

From Plum Street Samplers

Brother's Keeper

Maxim & Zoya
From Kelmscott
     Fleur-De-Lys Needle Minder                Bow Wow Needle Minder        

Devon                      Red Hots

From Lady K Needlearts

Chrysanthemum Tapestry Garden

French Elegance

From Samplers Remembered

Sarah Gentle 1821
From Twisted Threads
Black Sheep Redux - Book 1

This is a 12 page booklet containing 8 Ewe & Eye & Friends
black sheep designs that have been given a fresh new look.

From Elizabeth's Designs

Antique Animal Sampler

A is for Autumn                              B is for Beehive

C is for Christmas                               Celtic Heart     

From Praiseworthy Stitches

Winter at Beacon House

Simple Gifts - Hearts (very limited kit)

What we get at market is probably all we will have of this kit
so let the shop know ASAP if you would like one.

Mermaid Love Tokens
Last in the Sailor's Valentine series
From Blackbird Designs

For My Friend (contains 12 projects)

From Blue Ribbon Designs

Beauty in Simplicity

Friendship Blooms

Redwork Garden

From Country Cottage Needleworks

Party Cakes

April Cottage

From Samplers Revisited

Mary Ann Mossom1821

Beautiful Sea Sampler

From Nikycreations

Box Pincushions



From Poppy's Kreations

Cheers to Graduate

Furry Friends

Ready Set Snow

From GPA (Giuila Punti Antichi)

Cecelina - A Romantic Pincushion Doll
35ct. linen is included in this chart pack, as well as, complete stitching and finishing instructions.Sources for purchasing the doll parts are also supplied. 

Dutch Christmas Sewing Set
35 ct. linen is included along with stitching and finishing instructions

Dutch Sewing Pillow
28ct. linen is included along with stitching and finishing instructions.
A finishing kit is also available but quantities are limited.

Icelandic Christmas Sewing Sew

Ann Hull's Purse
Includes complete stitching and finishing instructions

Ann Hull's Brooch
Includes complete stitching and finishing instructions.
A finishing kit is also available but quantities are limited.

Shabby Chic Pendant
A complete kit - VERY LIMITED

From Island Cottage Needlearts

Where My Heart Is

From Black Branch Needlework

Susanah Rayment Needlecase

Ann Lokart 1842

From Darlene O'Steen

The Proper Stitch
Darlene is retiring and as a fond farewell,
she is offering a final commemorative edition
of her best-selling book - The Proper Stitch.
It will be available in softcover and CD.

From Sekas & Co.

Fun Baby Bibs

Patriotic Fingertip Towels

Love Heart


REMEMBER: Peggy and Carol have a lot of shopping to do and only two days to do it in. If there is something special that you want please let the shop know so that they can get it for you.

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