Friday, August 24, 2012

School is finally back!

My kids have finally gone back to school (yea)! Now, we are trying to get back on a schedule which was non-existent during the summer. So far so good. Maybe I can get more stitching done now, although I doubt it. I almost have a Halloween design done which means I'll need to start a new project soon. There are so many new and different designs in the shop that it's hard to choose what to do next. Not only do I have lots of choices in the shop, but some awesome new designs will be arriving soon. Take a look!


From R&R Reproductions

Homeward Bound

Floral Hornbooks

Quaker Hornbooks

From The Drawn Thread

Halloween Jumble

Spiders 'N Bones

Tricky Witch

From Heart in Hand


Halloween Parade

From With Thy Needle & Thread

Witch Pumpkin?

On Pins and Pumpkins

From Homespun Elegance

2012 Santa Ornament - Joy to All

2012 Snowman Ornament - Snowman Parade

2012 Sampler Ornament - Spirit of Christmas

Country Spirits Collection - Scenes of Summer

Sampler Stitcher

From Mirabilia

August Peridot Fairy

From Dames of the Needle

English Adam & Eve

Quaker Fob

From Shakespeare's Peddler

The Mermaid

From Just Another Button Company

Remember these guys....................... The Boys are Back in Town
chart is free with the purchase of button pack

Well, now we have..................................... Girls Night Out
chart is free with the purchase of button pack



Marilyn Levitt-Imblum, the designer of Lavender& Lace, Told in a Garden and Butternut Road, passed away on August 14th. She was a wonderful designer and will be greatly missed. Right now, we do not know the future for her designs. If there is a specific design that you really want, please let us know so that we may try to get it.


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