Monday, April 8, 2013

Nice weather....finally!

It's finally acting like spring. The sun is out and the temperature today is going to be in the high 70's (ok... maybe that is a little warm for spring but I'm ready for warmer temps). This is the perfect weather for working outside in your yard/gardens. However, I am not a "yard" person. I enjoy being outside when the weather is nice but gardening is just not my thing. So, if you are like me and want to stay clear of the yard, then maybe you need something new to stitch or just add to your collection. Here are some new designs coming soon.

From Homespun Elegance

A Halloween Year II - March Party Cats

Our Nest

From AAN

     Meow Family                               Owl Family Tree

Gardening World                               Tea World      

From Cross Stitching Art

Joyful Times

From Turquoise Graphics & Design


From Cross-Point Designs


From Silver Creek Samplers

Sing a Sampler (part 2)

Dare To Be A Daniel

From Plum Street Samplers

Spring Jack

From Shakespeare's Peddler

Let There Be Peace

From Rosewood Manor

Greystone Manor Sampler

Berkshires Beehives

From Waxing Moon Designs


From White Willow Stitching

Tribal Lion                           Tribal Lion 2         

White Tiger

From Lizzie Kate

Boxer Kit - Perfectly Kept House

Buzzy String

Think Deeply

Also coming from Lizzie Kate:

The final 3 Jingle Flip-It patterns
#4 - Cheer
               #5 - Wait 'til Dec. 25
#6 - Merry

Here is a "peek" of work in progress from By the Bay Needleart

Bird #6 in the "Birds of a Funky Feather" series

Just a quick reminder!
Framed picture used in household decorationsIt's time for.......Framed picture used in household decorations

The Custom Framing Special
The Stitch and Frame Shop

It starts this Saturday April 13, 2013 and runs through April 30, 2013.

During the framing special, you will receive a 20% discount
on all custom framing orders.
A 50% deposit is required when the order is placed
and no rush orders will be accepted.


Have a great and hopefully sunny week!

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