Monday, May 20, 2013

Perfect stitching weather!

What a dreary day. This would be a perfect day to sit at home and stitch if I didn't have a gazillion other things that had to be done first. Oh well, I will eventually pick up my needle today and attempt to make some progress on my sampler that is taking way longer to do than anticipated. I am ready to be finished so that I can start something new. Speaking of new, take a look below at some new designs that will be arriving in the shop soon.

From By the Bay Needleart

Birds of a Funky Feather #8

Simple Sampler

From Abby Rose Designs

Fruit of the Spirit - Love

From Bobbie G Designs

Beautiful Monarch

Stars & Stripes Forever             Sweet Land of Liberty

From Cross Stitching Art

Sakura Blossom                          BBQ Chef            

From Homespun Elegance

Annual Santas 1995-2002                           Peacock Manor           

From Pineberry Lane

Proper Sisters School of Needlework

From Nora Corbett

1st of 6 in Nora's Audubon Street series

         Siren's Song Mermaid                        Faerie Spring Fling                      

From Elizabeth's Designs

J is for Jack O Lantern                   K is for Kindness

Garden Medley

We will be CLOSED

Monday May 27, 2013 (MEMORIAL DAY)

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