Monday, October 21, 2013

October is almost over!

Wow, this month has gone by way too quickly. I can't believe that it's almost Halloween. I still need to get a Halloween costume for my son. With only 10 days until the "candy fest", I guess I'd better hop to it. I can't imagine what we'll find. If worse comes to worse, I'll cut two holes in a sheet and he can be a ghost (he did not find that amusing). This makes me wonder how much time I'll give myself to get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Probably not enough.

Not only are the holidays coming, but new cross stitch designs are also on the way. Take a look to see what will be arriving at the shop very soon.

From The Drawn Thread

Alphabet Ornaments One (ABCD)
Christmas Jumble

   Christmas Thoughts Stocking             Christmas Thoughts Sampler     
From Country Cottage Needleworks
Santa's Village #12 - Hot Cocoa Café
This is the final part in the series.

Reindeer Games
From Little House Needleworks
      Little Sheep Virtues - Kindness                         Home is Where the            
                                                                         Sunflowers Grow
From The Stitching Parlor
Halloween Chest
From SamSarah Design Studio
10 X The Fun - Christmas Trees
From Threadwork Primitives
From Mirabilia
Ella, The Frog Princess
From Just Nan
Cardinal Tweet

Winter in the Forest
The final design in the Lettered Border Series.
From Amy Bruecken Designs
Little Guys: Pilgrim Pete                      Little Guys: Acorn Abe     

 Little Guys: Indian Chief                     Little Guys: Indian Corn  
From Elizabeth's Designs
N is for Nutmeg                     O is for October   
Snow Berry Sampler
From Imaginating
           Thankful                              Family Blessings 
Apple Basket Chickadees                     Holiday Blues     
From Beehive Needleworks
Holly Trevelyan Christmas Pillow
From Abby Rose Designs
Merry Christmas to Thee
From Pickle Barrel Designs
Halloween Goblins
From Filligram
Christmas Cookies Wreath
From Barbara Ana
Christmas Joy

Snooty Parrots Sampler

Stitchingly Ever After
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 Have a great week and keep stitching!

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