Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring is coming!!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. The weather was great and I was able to enjoy the wonderfully, warm sunshine. Even though I spent a lot of time outside, I was able to get some stitching done. I almost finished my turtles. They will be finished tonight (yeah)! Now, I need a new project. Ok, maybe I don't really need a new project (I have a ton of stuff in my stash) but I want a new one. The shop has many new designs in stock with more on the way. Look at what is coming.

From Lizzie Kate
The "Little Beach Kit" is tooooo cute! I'm ready to go to the beach. Anybody else?
  A Little Beach Kit              Inspiration Boxer - If We Pray (kit)

Be Who You Are

4 Seasons Flip It
Autumn                              Winter  
From Annie's
What a neat idea!
Easy Cross Stitch Cards & Tags
From CM Designs
I just love the colors and pattern of this quilt square.
Grape Seeds
From Barbara Ana Designs
This is a little different patriotic sampler. I like it!! Then again, I'm a little different.
Long May She Wave
From The Scarlett House
This is a gorgeous sampler. It's definitely going into my stash.
Seven Sheep Sampler
From Stoney Creek
I have been wanting to do a new Christmas design for a while and I think "Christmas Silhouettes" will be the one. It is now on the top of my "I want to do it" list. 
Bird of the Month - January     Bird of the Month - February

Bedtime Expressions          Laughter is Sunshine

 All Heart's Sake Sampler           Timeless Wisdom      

Christmas Silhouettes              Reindeer Ribbons   

Stand Ups - Best Gifts
From New York Dreamer
Although, I like this design, I'm tired of winter.
Winter Time
From Heritage Crafts
Perfect for a childs room
Lion                                               Frog Prince

Butterfly                                              Giraffe   

 From Queenstown Sampler Designs
A beautiful collection of samplers.
Elizabeth C. Borton 1834
Lydia Borton 1819
Mary Reese 1785

Sarah Comfort 1810
Have a great week and
think warm thoughts!

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