Monday, June 23, 2014

"Something Wicked" comes this August!

In August, Samsarah Design Studio will be releasing "Something Wicked" (a new 3 part Halloween Mystery Sampler). I know it's only June, almost July, but it's never too early to start stitching seasonal designs. See below for more details about this sampler and other "goodies" that will be arriving in the shop soon.


From SamSarah Design Studio

"Something Wicked"
Here is what I know about this mysterious sampler...
* It is stitched on 32ct. Petit Point Natural with Brown Polka Dots.
* The design size for the entire piece is 119w x 186h. 
* 29 skeins of Weeks Dye Works floss will be needed to complete the sampler.
*A bonus design will also be included. It has a stitch count of 50 x 153 and
   is stitched on 30ct. Peoria Purple from Weeks Dye Works. 
* The first part will be released on August 1st with the remaining two releasing on Sept. 1st 
   and October 1st.

(before August)

From Imaginating
I love the "garden cuties" but I so want to stitch the mermaid for my niece (mermaids are her favorite). 

Gardens Bloom                                        Garden Cuties
                                                                       Snail and Caterpillar

One Upon a Dinosaur

Once Upon a Mermaid

From The Nebby Needle
What a beautiful sampler. I really love the pincushion.

Oh My Stars!

From Pickle Barrel Designs
A wonderful design for a special teacher.

Teaching Passion

From Stacy Nash Primitives
Love everything about this pincushion, especially the colors. 

Sisters Three Pinkeep

From Plum Street Samplers
Two gorgeous new samplers!

Ann Barson Loughbro 1837

Crowned Bird Sampler

From My Big Toe
"Hens and Chicks" might not be something everybody loves but I do. This will be a great gift for some good friends of mine who just happen to have hens. Can you say cluck, cluck:)

Hens and Chicks

Not How Many You Finish

Christmas Pinkies IV

Building Blocks - Power

From By the Bay Needleart
What beautiful flowers. 

My Secret Garden

From Little House Needleworks
Four new designs from Little House. Wow, they are all so GREAT. "Old Glory" might just be my vacation project. LOVE it!!

  Calendar Girl - July                             Old Glory      

Robin's Song

Seaside Summer Alphabet
This design comes with a full skein of Belle Soie Silk
and buttons.

X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X


How to determine design size!

To determine the size of a design, you take the stitch count and divide by the count fabric that you want to use.  For example, you want to see how big a design will be on 14ct. and the stitch count is 140 wide by 112 high.

140 divided by 14 = 10
112 divided by 14 = 8

Your design size will be 10" wide by 8" high.

Of course this size does not allow extra fabric for finishing. Now add 6 to both the width and height. This will give you 3 extra inches of fabric around the design. 

10 + 6 = 16
8 + 6  = 14

After adding 6, you will need a piece of fabric 16" by 14".

Now, if you want to work on a smaller count fabric over two threads, the concept is the same except after dividing by the stitch count, you then multiply by 2. 
For example, you want to stitch on 32ct. over two threads and the stitch count is
 80 wide by 96 high.

80 divided by 32 = 2.5
2.5 x 2 = 5

96 divided by 32 = 3
3 x 2 = 6

Your design size is 5" wide by 6" high. You still need to add for extra fabric. So, the size of fabric needed is 11" by 12". 

Remember, if you are having problems and need help figuring out a size, call the shop. We will gladly help you figure it out. 

X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X

Have a great week!

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