Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy New Year!

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Sorry, I was unable to post last week but things were a little crazy around here right after inventory and then the sale on Jan. 2nd. We are beginning to get back to normal now so as always, I want to share with you some new designs that will be arriving soon.


From The Victoria Sampler
Two beautiful new designs.

Peacock Sampler

Winter Cottage

From Pine Mountain Designs
I love both these patterns but as I sit here typing and freezing, the subject matter is not helping me to warm up any.

Winter Nights

January Snapshot

From Mill Hill
The new spring kits have been ordered and should arrive sometime this week. 

Buttons & Beads 2016 Spring Series

Cut Flowers                                       Garden   

    Joe's Garage                            Strawberries

Sand Dollar                                   Starfish  

2016 Spring Bouquet Collection

Sea Turtle                            Fireflies

  Ladybug Egg                   Dragonfly Egg

  Fishing Vest                                Fancy Fish

From Blackbird Designs  
Another beautiful design in the Garden Club series. This is one series that I might actually want to do (well, maybe "collect" is a better word).  

Sweet Home
#4 in the Garden Club series

From CM Designs
I think this piece would look stunning on a box and since this is "Summer", I bet she will design labyrinth patterns for the other seasons. 

The Garden Labyrinth (Summer)

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