Monday, February 8, 2016

More Nashville Sneak Peeks

Happy Monday! Today, I am going to post some more Nashville Sneak Peeks for you to look at. Remember, if you see something you want, let the shop know so that Peggy can add it to her shopping list. First, however, I will post some designs that have just been released and will arrive at the shop soon.


From Abby Rose Designs
This would make a nice Valentine.

Heart of Hearts

From The Stitcherhood
A nice addition to a beach house or a beach themed room. 


From Erica Michaels
These lovely berries are available for silk gauze or linen. The "silk collections" contain a 40ct. piece of silk gauze. The linen is not included in the "linen collections".  I love the snowman but with my eyes, I would need the linen collection to be sure. 

      Silk Berry Collection:            Linen Berry Collection:   
Brrrberry                                    Brrrberry

      Silk Berry Collection:             Linen Berry Collection:
Sweetberry                                    Sweetberry

From Threadwork Primitives
Two new primitive samplers. 

One Blackbird                                    Wandering Heart        

From The Vickery Collection
What a cute frog but stitching on black would drive me crazy.

Rainbow Frog

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


From Cherished Stitches

The chenille trim used for finishing
is included with the chart.

 Miniature Sweetheart 
    Needlebook with Tin Heart Etui
This design is stitched over one thread.
The kit includes: linen, silk threads, silk ribbon,
silk lining and flannel fabric for the bottom insert.

From Amy Bruecken Designs 

Forever Friends

From Black Branch Needlework

Ann Croxen 1833

From Annalee Waite Designs

     Love Bird                                     Flower & Bee

From Chessie & Me

A Gathering of Sheep with Tool Caddy

From Giulia Punti Antichi (GPA Designs)

Ann Hull 1836

Islenk Sjonabok - A Tribute to Iceland

Gather Me Up! A Queen Sewing Purse

Gather Me Up! Black Ruby Sewing Purse

The "Gather Me Up" designs are a collaboration with
Mani di Donna

Old Glory Sewing Box 

Maria Teresa Pincushion Doll

Flowers and Lace: A Sewing Pillow

Mary Robinson 1824

My Fair Lady Sewing Set

From Crossed Wing Collection

My Space (loon)

From Pickle Barrel Designs

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Check the blog again next week for more peeks
but also remember to check our website for even more.

            Have a great week!            

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