Monday, July 18, 2016

On the way....

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Well, based on the heat we are having, I would say that summer is in full swing. As much as I need to be outside walking (and searching for Pokemon with my son), it is just too hot. Therefore, sitting on the couch and stitching seems like a much better idea. I have almost finished the snowman that I have been working on. It should be done by the end of the week. Yeah!!! That means I can start a new project soon. 

Need some ideas for a new project? Take a look at all the wonderful things that will be arriving soon in the shop.


From Samplers Not Forgotten 
I love this design. I might even have to stitch it and put it in my laundry room. 

Laundry Day

From Hands on Design
New beach and chalkboard designs as well as a new pumpkin design. Anyone ready for fall?

 To the Beach...

Anchor Down                                Grab Life   

Chalkboard Ornaments Pt. 2            Hey There Pumpkin      

From Val's Stuff
These adorable Christmas ornaments come with everything you need except for the floss. Includes: chart, perforated paper, JABCo Buttons, wool felt backing. 

Jingle My Bells                 Santa's Watching

From Kelmscott
New needle minders and scissors.

   Rose on Lilac                                    Mini Bee     
Needle Minder                            Needle Minder
                                                               The mini minder  
                                                                   measures 1" on each side.  

Oxbow Scissors
     Red                           Primitive                         Silver 
These scissors are 2.5" tall with sharp, pointy blades.

From Whimiscal Edge Designs
Some wonderful new thread keeps. I really love the vintage postcard and the mermaid tail.

       Bride Queen              Beeskep Vintage Postcard
 Thread Keep                           Thread Keep       

Mermaid Tail Thread Keep

From Little House Needleworks
A new design in the ABC samplers series and a new addition to the Hometown Holiday series. 

     Little House ABC Samplers:                  Hometown Holiday:          
part 2 (DE)                                                Diner    

From Country Cottage Needleworks 
Yep, another gingerbread house. Only 4 more to complete the village.

Gingerbread House #7
Gingerbread Village

From Nora Corbett (Mirabilia)
A new series from Nora...the "Bellas".  Beautiful ladies of the garden.

   Bella Butterfly & Bella Bee         Bella Rose & Bella Hydrangea

From CM Designs

Flakey Friends:
Birdie Bed & Breakfast

From Keslyn's
This describes me except for the "Mr." part.

Mr. Grumpy

It has arrived!

The 2016 Special Halloween Issue of Just Cross Stitch.

Get your copy today! 


Image result for clip art summer

Have a great week!

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