Monday, September 19, 2016

It's almost fall!

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Despite the heat and humidity, Fall officially starts on Thursday. For me, it needs to be in the 70's to feel like fall. I sure wish these temps would ease up. I spent a lot of time outside on Sunday and thought I was truly going to melt. I wonder if this winter will be as cold as the summer was hot. I say....bring it on!

Need some new stitching ideas? Well, take a look at what will be arriving soon.


From Plum Street Samplers
Two very Autumn-like designs. I love the colors in both of them. 

                 The Adams Family                  A Bowl Full of Scaries: Scary Two
                                                                    chart includes the thread and trim

From Nora Corbett
Two new pixies in the Pixie Blossom Collection. 

   Snapdragon                                      Bells of Ireland

From The Victoria Sampler
Two beautiful Christmas samplers.

Christmas Day Sampler                     Poinsettia Place Sampler

From Needlework Press
Look, according to this clock, it's Christmas Time. Well, it will be in 97 days.

Christmas Time

From Heartstring Samplery
A wonderful Adam and Eve sampler shown on a new box (The Cabin Box) from Lone Elm Designs.

In the Garden

From Little House Needleworks
Must be time to stitch a house.

Dwelling Place Sampler

Little House ABC Samplers - #4  IJK

From Homespun Elegance
Another collection of beautiful ornaments from Sandra. Love them all.

2106 Santa Ornament          2016 Sampler Ornament
Forget Me Not                                Merry Deer   

2016 Snowman Ornament             2016 Avery's Toy            
      Merry Snow II                      Express Ornament   

From Prairie Schooler
We thought that since Prairie Schooler officially retired last year, that the 2015 Santa would be the last one. Well, guess what? It's not. There is a 2016 Santa. Get yours while you can. Who knows about 2017.
2016 Santa

From Elizabeth's Designs
What a great Halloween Sampler. I would love to have this one done for next year.

Haunted Hollow

From AAN (Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks)
I'm not into skulls but the "Lace Skull" is very creepy looking. It would make a cool Halloween decoration. The sleigh, however, is gorgeous.

Lace Skull                             Ready, Go   

From La-D-Da
Look at the sunflowers. They really are suns. Too cute!

Give Thanks

From Pineberry Lane
These would make great ornaments or small pillows.

Old Black Cats & Friends

From Kit & Bixby
Last week we had Haunted Fir, now we have Merry Fur. These cats seem to really enjoy the holidays.

Merry Fur

From The Stitcherhood
More cute Halloween designs. Please note: the companion pieces (Christmas designs) will be released separately.

Broom Parking

Halloween Town

From Classic Colorworks
Another design in the storybook collection.


Image result for clip art autumn

Have a great week!

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