Monday, October 3, 2016

Only 28 days till Halloween

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Wow, only 28 days until Halloween. I'm not really counting down the days in anticipation of Halloween but once it arrives then Thanksgiving and Christmas come very quickly thereafter. It is hard to believe that this year is almost over. Where does the time go? 

There are many new designs coming to the shop soon, so take a peek at what's on the way. There could be a great gift idea arriving soon.


From Mill Hill
Each kit contains: beads, antique brown perforated paper, needles, floss, chart and instructions. 

Jim Shore Kits

    Angel with Lantern                Angel with Cardinal  

    Owl                                               Penguin

    Snowman Dancing               Snowman with Lights

From Lizzie Kate
Wonderful new designs. The sleds are adorable.

Flora McSample's 2016 Treats       Wise Men Still Seek Him     

Nov./Dec. Calendar Double Flip

Peppermint Sleds                            Snowy Sleds  

     A Little Thankful Kit             Come Let Us Adore Him
                                                              Inspiration Boxer

From Needles Notion
A colorful band sampler which features a flying witch, bats, owls, ghosts and many other fall-inspired motifs. Totally "spooktacular".

Fly By Night

From Tempting Tangles
"Little Brown Jug" is simply gorgeous. Love the colors!

Little Brown Jug

Winter Garden Party
4th in the Garden Party series

From Mani di Dona
A lovely pair of Christmas pillows. This design is a must for my stash. Maybe, I'll do them for next year. 

Christmas Pillows I - Christmas and I Believe

From Pineberry Lane
It looks like Miss Blackett is teaching her young student how to make a witch's brew. I wonder if they used eye of newt?

Fancey Blackett - Witch's Brew

From Jardin Prive
What a neat looking Halloween scene. It's a little late to have ready for this Halloween (at least for me it is) but definitely something that could be done for next year. Another design for my stash.
Happy Halloween Night

From Hands on Design

Chalk.squared - October

From Barbara Ana Designs
I love the "Fall Sampler" but I'm more likely to get the Christmas ornaments finished.

The Fall Sampler

Christmas Ornament Trio

From Kit & Bixby
The cats are back and this time they are building a snowman.

Winter Fur

From The Nebby Needle
I like this sampler. The best part is the border of leaves.

Tis Autumn

Image result for clipart halloween


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