Monday, February 11, 2019

Happy February

Valentine's Day is only 3 days away and I haven't even thought about it until today. I guess I should at least get a card for my hubby. Can't wait to rummage through all the picked over cards (lol). 

The blog is going to be short this week but I do have a few items to share. Also, remember to keep checking our website. I will be adding more Nashville items through the week. 

From Abby Rose Designs
I'm so ready for spring! Love the pink house.

Spring Time

From Heartstring Samplery
What a great design to do for a special friend.

F is for Friend

From Annie Beez Folk Art
This adorable snowman is the first in a new 9 part series called "Snowy 9 Patch".


 Snowy 9 Patch  

From Country Cottage Needleworks
A fun spring sampler. Love the blues and greens.

 Spring Has Sprung      

From Cottage Garden Samplings
Another beautiful addition to this series. This one features a rose-breasted grosbeak and gladiolus.
Songbird's Garden #8 - Have Courage

From Stoney Creek
A lovely Easter silhouette. You could get very creative with design by choosing a different color of floss (and even fabric). Endless possibilities. 

Happy Easter

From Tiny Modernist
This is the start of a new 4 part series. Part 1 (shown here) is the house. Parts 2, 3 and 4 will be the rooms that fill the house. The remaining parts will be releasing in March and 
April. What a fun Easter design this will be!

Easter Bunny House - Part 1: The House 


Happy Valentine's Day

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