Monday, January 20, 2020

Brrrr...winter returned!

All I can say is Brrrrrrrr, who turned off the heat? I know its still winter but I was really enjoying the warmer temperatures. If it has to be cold, then why not wish for snow. If it were to snow, I could stay home and stitch like crazy. I have seriously fallen behind on my stitching since Christmas. I need to make up for lost time and a snow day would really help with that.

From Nora Corbett
Two lovely Pond Pixies. 

Dewdrops                           Water Sprite    

From Stoney Creek
The "Watermelons For Sale" really makes me think about summer but the January Towel of the Month makes me feel cold (but it is cute).

Towels of the Month - Jan.         Watermelons For Sale

From Rosewood Manor Designs
Two wonderful new designs. I love the colors in Creation II.  

       Creation II                              Postcard of Love

From Thistles
A very true sentiment finished in a fun heart shaped pillow. 

Home is Where My Heart Is

From Pickle Barrel
A collection of fun winter time designs. Brrrr, I can just feel the chill. 

Feelin' Frosty

Snow Day

Snow Much Fun

Snow Problems

From Imaginating
I like all of these designs but my absolute favorite is the Sea Creatures. Too cute!! 

    Blessed Nation                Love Grows Here 
Sea Creatures Squares                   Winter Sampler  

From MarNic Designs
When I am old, I may do lots of things but I will be wearing clothes. LOL!

 When I Am Old I Will             Coffee Wine Chocolate 
Ask Coffee, Tea or Me                                                          

  When I Am Old                        Welcome To Our Pond            
  I Will Sing in the Rain                                                                              

From Lindy Stitches
I don't think this saying works very well for the!

3 Snows

From Jardin Prive
A lovely sampler.

Aux Couleurs De Digoin   

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