Monday, June 8, 2020

Coming Soon!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone is doing well. The shop is open for those who would like to come by, however, we are limiting the number of people allowed in. For those who are unable to come, we will gladly send you anything you need just give us a call, shoot an email or place a secure order on the website. 

Need something new to do or just something to add to your stash? Well, take a look at some new designs that will be coming soon.

From Jeannette Douglas Designs
These are the final two designs in the Sew Together series. Later this year "Fall into Autumn" and "Cozy into Winter" will be released. ("Jump into Spring" has already been released).

       Sew Together #7        Sew Together #8        Soar into Summer   

From Teresa Kogut
I love Teresa's folksy designs but her samplers are just stunning and "Land That I Love" is no exception. It is definitely going into my stash.

Fabulous Monsters Series #2                     Snarky Cat                  

Land That I love

From Madame Chantilly
Fun summer designs. I really want some lemonade now.

                       Iced Lemonade                                    Summer Iced Lemonade

Celebrate Summer

From Mill Hill
The 2020 Winter Kits are on the way.

Buttons and Beads Kits

 Christmas Welcome                It's a Wonderful Life

Frosty Morning                           Holiday Glow

Reindeer Chorus                     Special Delivery

Winter Holiday Kits

    Christmas Eve                   Evergreen Topiary

Holly Cupcake                         Santa Cruise

Teddy's Tale                            Winter Feast

Antarctic Santas

    Albatross Santa                 Leopard Seal Santa

Penguin Santa

From Carriage House Samplings
A bright and cheerful piece. I think Barbie needs to make this for her chicken feed. 😉

Chicken Feed Sack

From Cottage Garden Samplings
A cute springtime series!

    Hello Spring                                 Hop Into Spring

Home Sweet Coop

From Bobbie G Designs
Three fun and colorful seasonal designs. I love the "Autumn Sampler".

   Christmas Fun                            Old Witch Shoe 

Autumn Sampler



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