Friday, July 22, 2011

Too HOT to do anything but blog!

It is way too hot to do anything outside, so I guess sitting inside (where it is nice and cool) and blogging is a perfect solution. Last week, the weather was much cooler and I was able to spend some time outdoors working in my yard (well, what passes for a yard). Needless to say, I will not be working in my yard today or over the weekend. Next week (hot or not), I'll be going on vacation. I am so looking forward to it but before I leave, I wanted to share some of the new items with you.

From The Prairie Schooler:
Christmas Favorites
Cats, Bats & Witches
Santa's Night

2011 Santa

Coming from Premax in August:
3.5" embroidery scissors
These are nickle plated, carbon steel scissors with a patterned handle. Cost $20.50

Lavender Burst

Mosaic Smile

           Orange/Yellow Marble

Pink Geometric

              Pink/Purple Colorsplash

           White Meadow Floral

From Country Stitches/With My Needle:

Witch Hazel

If you have not already signed up, please join our BIRTHDAY CLUB.
There is no cost to join. All you need to do is give us your name, email address, street address and date of birth (month and day will be just fine). When the "Big Day" arrives, you will receive a postcard or email that will entitle you to 20% off the project of your choice. This includes the pattern, fabric, threads and any embellishments. What are you waiting for....JOIN NOW! 

Have a great day!!


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