Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!

It's been over 2 weeks since the last blog. Surprise....I'm back. I enjoyed the holidays but I'm glad to get back on my normal schedule (whatever normal is). Now that a new year has started, it must be time to start a new project. There are many new designs on the way and even some that have already arrived. Take a look at the "what's new" section on our website to see what has arrived. 


From CM Designs
What a cute kitty. I love his snowflake eye. I'm just taking a guess here, but I believe this is the start of a monthly "Whiskerkin" series. 

Snowflake (January Whiskerkins)

From Stoney Creek
A new quote and some very pretty scenes. 

Watercolor Treasures         Quote of the Month:

From Mill Hill
The new spring series of kits are on the way. I especially love the "owlets".

Charmed Ornaments: 2015 Spring Series

 Violet Owlets                      Emma Owlets

 Finn Owlets                       Huey Owlets

    Kiwi Owlets                      Tango Owlets

Beaded & Button Kits: 2015 Spring Series

     Mom                                       Window Box

Bridal Shoppe                            Spring Robin

  Winged Monarch                           Egg Hunt       

    2015 Spring Bouquet Series

  Tulip Egg                    Daffodil Egg

         Garden Boots                     Floral Watering Can 

    Ladybug Hug                      Yellow Swallowtail

From Lizzie Kate
Coming in February!

ABC's of Faith (kit)

A Little Luck (kit)

3 Little Words: Flip-its
This new flip-it series consists of 7 cards
 with 2 designs per card 
(a total of 14 little inspirational
These can be stitched individually 
or all together.

From SamSarah Design Studio
Two new still in progress.

Bloom in Your Own Time
This kit includes: chart, 30ct. linen, buttons,
and hanger. (does NOT include floss).

Still Crazy After All These Years 
(concept drawing)
This series will be presented in 6 parts with
buttons included in each part. 
When I have a better picture, I'll post it.

From Hands on Design
What a cute new it!

A Year in Chalk

Celebrate the year with a series of fun & whimsical monthly designs inspired with a "chalky" look! There will be 12 designs in all, with 2 releasing each month. They will all be stitched on 30ct Gunmetal linen from WDW (or 14ct or 16ct Shadow Aida from Picture This Plus). They use 2 colors: "Chalk" as well as an additional color from Gentle Art Sampler Threads. The stitch count will be approximately 45 x 70 for each design.


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