Monday, May 11, 2015

New designs are on the way.

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Good Morning. I hope all mothers had a very nice Mother's Day. Mine was very relaxing. I didn't have to cook a single meal (that was totally awesome and the best present of the day). I even got some stitching done. I started a new project on Sunday (a Halloween piece) and I can't wait to work on it some more this week. 

There are some designs that will be arriving in the shop soon...take a look!


From Hands on Design
Ahoy there ye mateys....the 2nd chapter in the Square.ology series will be releasing soon. This batch is filled with pirate ships, sandcastles and a pink octopus or two.

Square.ology (the 2nd chapter)

From By the Bay Needleart
A lovely little house by the sea. I really like the piece but instead of stitching the house by the sea, I want to be there instead.

Home by the Sea

From Cross Eyed Cricket
After a lengthy wait, we shall soon have two more months in the "monthly" series. 
It may have taken a while, but I think the results are worth it. The designs for both of these months look great.



From Kathy Barrick Designs
I love the "Stitching Girls". It appears that not only do they like stitching but they also like birds. 

This Little Gift

Stitching Girls

From Notforgotten Farm Samplers
A small and lovely primitive sampler. 

Sepia Sampler

From Bobbie G. Designs
Two very festive Christmas ornaments. I love the shapes and colors.

       Elegant Ornament          Elegant Red Ornament

From CM Designs
Another cute "Whiskerkins". I just love the button eye. 

 (May Whiskerkins)


New Shop Models....
The following are some new models we have on display in the shop.

1861 Antique Sampler and Honeycomb Basket
Both designs are from "In Friendship's Way"
from Blackbird Designs

The Winter is Past
Also from "In Friendship's Way"
from blackbird Designs

Harvest Time
From Chessie & Me

             Bee Dance                                 Santa's Sleigh Ride
           From Hands on Design                     From Dames of the Needle

Things Unseen (Mystery Sampler)
From Lizzie Kate

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