Monday, April 11, 2016

Short and Sweet

Good morning. I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Even though it was a little cooler and breezier, I thought the weather was wonderful. I enjoyed being outside. Of course, I also spent time inside (cleaning, laundry, etc.). I was even able to find time on Saturday for some stitching (yeah!!). 

Here are some new designs that will be arriving soon. 


From Lizzie Kate
The 2016 Double Flip YearBook series features 2 monthly designs per chart and includes the Antique Gold charms used for each month.  The individual monthly stitch count is 69W x 41H or if you want to stitch them all together in one long row, the stitch count is 69W x 546H. 
Yearbook Double Flips

January/February                     March/April      


          Accept What Is                   For We Walk By Faith

Image result for clipart halloween borders

from Lizzie Kate

a NEW "Halloween Mystery Sampler"

I will give you more information when it becomes available

Image result for clipart halloween borders

From Crossed Wing Collection
As always, simply gorgeous.

Bee Hummingbird
(2016 Commemorative)

From Frony Ritter Designs
These lovely minis feature  garden, wedding, Celtic, baby and Easter motifs. Not only are they cute, but they would be quick to stitch.

Twenty Minis


Image result for clipart REMINDER

The Spring Custom Framing Special is now underway
and will run through April 27th.
During this time, you will receive a 20% discount on all custom frame orders.
A 50% deposit is required and rush orders will not be discounted. 



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