Monday, April 25, 2016

May is on the way...

This spring is just "springing" on by. Summer will be here before we know it. Maybe now would be a good time to pick out a new project to work on once the summer heat hits. Take a look below at some new designs that will be arriving soon. A new project could be on the way.


From La-D-Da
A beautiful band sampler featuring a peacock. What a fun looking sampler.

Peacock Band Sampler

From Blackbird Designs
A new addition to the garden club series and a wonderful new patriotic book. "Sweet Land Of Liberty" ... contains a reprint of the out of print Reward Of Merit design -"In Full Glory ". "Liberty Rose"and "Salute To Abigail" ( were previously exclusive designs, now available to all) and there are two brand new designs "American Eagle" and "Sweet Land of Liberty".

Climbing the Trellis
Garden Club series #7

Sweet Land of Liberty
Contains 5 patriotic designs

From Country Cottage Needleworks

                         Cake Menu                     Gingerbread Boy and Snowman
                                                                          Gingerbread Village series #7

From Kit & Bixby
Funny! I can't run from trouble because I'm not much of a runner. 

Can't Run From Trouble

From Samplers Not Forgotten
The saying reads "My soul is fed with needle & thread". 

With Needle & Thread

From Bobbie G Designs
These flowers look stunning on the black fabric but my eyes would kill me if I tried to work on black.

Flowers All Around

From Hands on Design
The 5th in a year-long series of calendar floral designs. 

Chalk Squared - May

Image result for clip art halloween borders


Just Cross Stitch
2016 Halloween Special Collector's Issue
This issue will be releasing at the end of June.


Image result for clip art halloween borders


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