Monday, June 20, 2016


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What a beautiful Monday (I'm not going to mention the heat...we all know it is HOT). I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine was very busy. My daughter's 16th birthday was Saturday and Father's Day was Sunday (oh, and today is my anniversary). A lot going on but I survived even though not a stitch was stitched. Hopefully, I'll get some stitching done this afternoon.

I found quite a few new designs that are on the way...take a look. 


From Imaginating
I agree with the owls...."Let's go to the beach". 

Lemonade                                  Carbo Kitty

Beach Owls


From Bobbie G Designs
These birds will have a beautifully colored nest if they keep taking pieces of thread from the spools.

Feather Your Nest

From MarNic Designs
These frogs look like they are about to have some fun. Is that frog in the middle wearing a beret?
Frogs Rule

From X's and Oh's
Simply beautiful!

Love Is

From Glendon Place
There are two designs in this group that I must have - Wicked Witch of Everything (the title says it all) and Thistle Do Nicely.

           Good to Gnaw                                     Rats                      

Wicked Witch of Everything               This Old Man              

Thistle Do Nicely

From Tiny Modernist
What a simple and sweet patriotic design. 

Happy 4th of July

From The Vickery Collection

Wish To Be Free

From Blackbird Designs
Number 9 in the Garden Club series.

The Gardener

From Little House Needleworks
Another series is getting ready to start...Little House ABC Samplers. The first one (ABC) is really cute now I can't wait to see the other 8 designs.

                   Little House "ABC" Sampler #1                 Honeybee Sampling                                              

From Country Cottage Needleworks
A sneak peek at the latest addition to the Gingerbread Village series and a wonderfully "cool" looking  summer piece. 

Gingerbread House #6                      Make Lemonade     

From SamSarah Design Studio
The steampunk Dragonfly looks very happy. He is kinda cute in a weird sort of way. I love the flowers in the garden design and the saying is very true. I only wish my son had read this. He did not avoid the poison ivy and now has it on his elbows and legs (not fun at all).

     Life is a Garden                     Steampunk Dragonfly 

From Samplers Remembered
A very unique sampler. I love the deer.

Checkerboard Stag Sampler

From Mirabilia
That is way more hair than I would want to deal with.



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Have a great week!

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