Monday, March 27, 2017

Coming soon!

Happy Monday! You know this is going to be a great week when you have to start it in the dentist's chair (yes, the top right side of my mouth is still numb...oh joy) but this too shall pass. 

Take a look a some of the new designs that will be arriving soon (there are some really cute ones this week).


From Country Cottage Needleworks
Both of these are really cute. The jumping sheep have me thinking about taking a nap.

Jump for Joy

Spring in Your Step

From Elizabeth's Designs
What lovely flowers.

    Springtime                     Easter Flower

From Lizzie Kate
A great group of quick to stitch designs. I personally love the summer smalls.

Summer Smalls                            Coffee Time   

     Celebrate with Charm:                     A Little Stitch         

From Stoney Creek
You can start this design now and have it ready when winter comes again. The snowman are adorable.


From Madame Chantilly
"Hen cooking" is too funny. She has a skillet of corn that is turning into popcorn.

    My Love                                        My Sweet Love

Hen Cooking

Spring is Coming

Summer is Coming



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