Monday, March 12, 2018

Yep, that is what I look like after last week. Ughhh. I'm still tired and the time change did not help matters (LOL). Peggy, Carol and I made it back from Nashville and brought back lots of goodies. Everything has been checked in and put on the web so be sure to check the "what's new" and "just arrived" sections to see all the new items. 

Amazingly enough there is more on the way. Take a look below at more new designs that will be arriving soon.


From Glendon Place
It looks like Glendon Place is starting a series of Hungarian Folk Art pieces. They have also added to their Vintage Nursery Rhyme Collection (Mary, Mary is #4) and of course, they designed another fun Halloween piece.

      Hungarian Folk Art #1          Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

A Haunting Household

From Pineberry Lane
I really like the shamrocks. It speaks to the Irish in me. The chickens are cute too!

           Little Shamrocks          Mrs. Maguire's Hen House

From Mirabilia
We need for this particular Goddess to make an appearance today. It is such a gloomy, rainy day. Oh yeah...and cold! 

Sun Goddess

From Tempting Tangles
What a fun spring/Easter design. The bunnies are on an egg hunt. 

Who Hid the Eggs?                           Judge Not     

From Stitchworks  
I really like all of these fun designs but my favorite is the "Ghouls Best Friends". Too funny!

Spring - Holiday Series                      Doggie Love            

Ghouls Best Friends           Snowman Wishes    

From Carriage House Samplings
I really need a beach house to put all these beachy designs in that I like so much. This design is going to the top of my to do list. Love the colors!

Comfort Lighthouse

From Cherry Lane Designs
A lovely collection of spring designs. 

Spring Trio

From Bobbie G Designs
I'm not even a cat person but the kitten in the shoe with the pearls is just too darned cute.

             Dreaming                         Summer Delights

From Scattered Seeds Samplers
A very nice Adam & Eve design. Love the pinkeep drum.

Adam & Eve Pinkeep Drum

From RK Portfolio
Very unique designs. Love the colors.

Fishy Mola                               Turtle Mola

From The Vickery Collection
A great wildlife design.

Moose and Friends

From Dames of the Needle
Five new designs.

      March Hare Drum                Alphabet Pin Pillow  

 Heart and Hand           Crown & Beehive               Rabbit Garden          

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