Monday, January 28, 2019

On the Way...

Wow, where did January go? I can't believe it is almost February. I don't want to rush the year along anymore than necessary but I am ready for spring to arrive. Some warmer weather would be great. 

We will be having a Super Bowl sale of some kind on Saturday (Feb. 2). I am not sure exactly what will be on sale just yet. The details are still being discussed. Keep your eyes out for an email with exact details (one should be coming soon). The info will also be posted on the front page of our website. 

From Blackbird Designs
This is the 9th and final design in the "For the Birds" series. 

The Last Ripe Berries

From My Big Toe
Four great new designs from My Big Toe. Love them all!

     Cherish Friends                      Fowl Friends     

  I Should Quit                             Still Waters

From Imaginating
Just looking at these designs, I want to hoot like an owl and dance like a penguin.

 Let's Give a Hoot                          Penguin Dance 

         Dog in Charge             Little Pilot Birth Record

From Stoney Creek
A towel for February featuring some cute love birds.

Towels of the Month - February

From Sara
What a sweet design for a special Valentine.

Happy Valentine's Day

From Waxing Moon Designs
More Valentine designs. I think these would make great ornaments or small pillows.

Love Sweet Love

From Jardin Prive
A lovely little village on rolling hills.


From MarNic Designs
Three different but fun designs. 

Christmas Red, White and Green

   When I am Old                               Pet's Life           
I Will Celebrate More                                                        


Have a great week!

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