Monday, October 12, 2020

Happy October!


It's October! The end of the year is near and as far as I'm concerned, can't end soon enough. Hopefully, things will get better next year. Sorry, there was no blog last week, I was busy taking frame orders. The framing special has started and will continue until October 20th. Remember, you must MAKE AN APPOINTMENT for the framing special. Call to schedule your appointment. 

Now, I know that you have a project (or projects) started but let me tempt you with some wonderful new designs that will be arriving soon. Remember, the holidays are quickly approaching and NO I'm still not counting down the days (I really don't want to know).

From Shepherd's Bush
"Scare You" is a free chart with the purchase of the witch hat button. Don't those sheep look so cute dressed in their costumes?
Scare Ewe

Witching Season Pincushion (kit)

From Summer House Stitche Workes
Three lovely winter designs.

Rose E'er Blooming

Snowy Woods

Winter's Peace

Country Cottage Needleworks
A new 12 part series staring in November.

NEW Series - Sampler of the Month

From Jeannette Douglas Designs
Jeannette's blooming bouquets are so pretty and this new one is no exception. 

Blooming Bouquet #5 - Bountiful

Fall Into Autumn

From Mill Hill
The kits include 14ct. Perforated Paper, beads, floss, needles, chart and instructions.

Beaded Holiday 2020 (Snowflakes)

   Victorian Snowflake        Aqua Mist Snowflake 

Crystal Snowflake             Golden Snowflake

Opal Ice Snowflake             Pearl Snowflake  

From Frony Ritter Designs
What an appropriate Christmas ornament for this year. Rudolph is wearing a mask but you can still see his nose glowing through it.

We Wish You a Safe Christmas

From Lila's Studio
These cute birds are bringing seasonal blessings. This is so going in my stash. I can't decide which one to stitch first (probably Fall since I wont get either done for this year).

Season's Blessings

From Blackbird Designs
This pattern was first released as "Merry Christmas Drum". Numbers have been included in the chart so that you can make it current. I love the colors! 

Early Christmas Morning

From Ink Circles
This new Red Ship of Life sampler is smaller than the previous two (The Big Red Ship of Life and The Modestly Sized Red Ship of Life).

Comparatively Small                   Springtime Tapestry   
Red Ship of Life                                                       

          Royals                        Chartres Labyrinth 



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