Monday, July 22, 2013

The weather today....HOT!

The heat has finally arrived. I really dislike the temperatures when they hit 90 and above (especially with high humidity). It's too hot to do anything except stay indoors with the air conditioning. Which is fine since I have plenty of things that need to be done in the house. Today, I am going to start cleaning out some "junk" drawers. Hard to believe that I actually have more than one. Of course, I don't think they started out as junk drawers, it just happened over time (like say...the last 13 yrs.). Can't imagine what I'll find. Hopefully, I'll be able to stitch a little this afternoon or evening. I am getting so close to finishing my baseball sampler and I'm ready to have it done so that I can move on to my next project.

Below are some new designs that will be coming out soon.

From Widgets & Wool Primitives
Needles & Pins

Santa's New Elves
From Little House Needleworks
Little Sheep Virtues: Patience
From Bobbie G. Designs
A Day at the Beach

We Gather Together
From Cherished Stitches
Fairest Flower Series

      May: Rose                               June: Strawberry
From Misty Hill Studio
Apples & Gingham

     Little Fall                     Little Summer  

Harvest Moon
From Cherry Hill Stitchery
Fall Owl
See You in the Pumpkin Patch
From MarNic Designs
Owl Welcome
From Heart in Hand
What's the Skinny                                Thanksgiving Blessing                     
on Halloween                                                                                          

From Heartstring Samplery
Love Makes Everything Better                         A Weaver's Shuttle                 

From Nora Corbett
 Buttercup                                                Faerie: Summer Love

From Cross Stitching Art
Winter Elegance
From Designs by Gloria & Pat
Christmas Favorite (Precious Moments)
From The Vickery Collection
Gothic St. Andrews Cross

Ribbon Wreath and Ornaments
From Ink Circles
Alchemical Romance
From Bent Creek
Pieces of Autumn
Coral Winged Owl
Welcome to Our Home Series Pt. 2
Snapper: Welcome
From Elizabeth's Designs
Harvest Moon Cottage

Antique Flower Sampler

L is for Leaves                          M is for Melody
From Kathy Barrick Designs
Bee Study

A Fine Farm


Noahs Ark Sampler

Riley Harbor
From Threadwork Primitives
A Bee's Gathering

Ann's Sampler
From Plum Street Samplers
Yuletide Welcome

From White Willow Stitching
Tribal Cauldron

Tribal Teapot
Anime sun with smiling face   Anime sun with smiling face
Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Oh so many goodies! Thank you for posting. Keep cool!