Monday, July 15, 2013

What to do when it rains.....STITCH!

We sure have had a lot of rain lately. The trees, plants and grass appreciate this (as does my water bill since I do not have to water anything outside) but it sure makes planning outdoor activities hard. Therefore, the best idea is to stay inside and stitch (oh, and maybe do some laundry). I have actually managed to finish the project that I started on vacation. YEAH!!!! I will post a picture at the end of the blog. Meanwhile, I wanted to share with you some new designs that will be coming soon.

From Homespun Elegance

What are Boys?

What are Girls?

A Halloween Year II - Batty for Halloween
From Pineberry Lane
A Mensing 1872
From Cross Stitching Art
Day & Night Fairies
From Waxing Moon Designs
Wicked Stitches
From Plum Street Samplers
Promised Lamb
From With Thy Needle & Thread
Pink Sparrow Sampler

Pumpkin Brew

Sampler of the Season - Summer
From SamSarah Design Studio
In My Garden - Chapter 6
The final chapter

In My Garden
The completed design (all 6 chapters)
From The Stitching Bear
Christmas is Love

The Threader Collection
Do you have a hard time threading your needle? Then this collection could
be the answer for you. It features 3 different needle threaders protected in a
clear vinyl case. Each one is designed for a specific type of needle.
The ULTRA FINE THREADER is used with very fine needles, like those
used in beading.
The ALL-PURPOSE THREADER is used with general purpose needles, like those
used in sewing, embroidery and crafts.
The NEEDLEWORK THREADER is used with tapestry and chenille needles,
like those used in cross stitch, needlepoint, and hardanger.
Both the all-purpose and needlework threaders feature a safe, recessed
cutting blade on the side.
No matter what needle you of the threaders should work.
Why not give your eyes a rest and try using a needle threader.
I know my eyes appreciate it.
My finished project:
Quaker Easter Egg from Bent Creek
I loved stitching this piece. Of course, I made changes. I stitched it on
14ct. Masquerade from Picture This Plus and used DMC floss instead
of the threads it called for. I even did the finishing myself. It's my first
ever flat fold. It's not perfect but I'm still proud.
If you would like to learn how to make a flat fold, check out our class page
on the website to see when Maggie will be teaching the class again.

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