Monday, September 8, 2014

Look what's on the way!

Looking for a new project? Thinking about starting a new project? Just want to add to your stash? Well, take a look at the new designs that will be arriving soon. Maybe, one of these designs would be the perfect new project. I know my stash could really use a new project or two (HA HA).


From Mill Hill (& Amylee Weeks)
A series of new Christmas kits. Each kit includes: 14ct. Aida, Mill Hill beads, floss, needle,
chart and instructions. 

Angel                                            Believe

      Holy Night                             Merry Christmas

     Peace                                        Silent Night

From Homespun Elegance
The 2014 series of ornaments are on the way. I love them all! Each design comes
with a charm.

     2014 Santa Ornament       2014 Snowman Ornament
       Olde Saint Nicholas              Snowman Everywhere 

2014 Sampler Ornament
Merry Christmas Wishes

From AAN 
I don't have time to stitch it this year but I would love to stitch "Halloween Concert" for next year. Something about it just calls to me. Maybe it's the ghost with the big eyes:)

   Halloween Concert                           Writing               

Christmas Tree

From Rosewood Manor
This pattern is the first in the "Village Home" series. It is a collaboration of 8 designers whose designs will reflect their personal idea of their home in this village. I love the first one and can't wait to see the rest.

English Garden

From The Victoria Sampler
I really love the Gingerbread Haunted House. The buttons on it are perfect. I will definitely add this pattern to my stash. 

Gingerbread Stocking Ornaments

Gingerbread Haunted House

Down Jingle Pot Road #1

From Amaryllis Artworks
What beautiful boxes. 

The Quaker Keeper

From Dames of the Needle
A wonderful collection of seasonal designs. I believe that I will need to add all of these to my stash since I can't decide which one or two I like best.

Dye is Cast                             Starry Witch      
Santa's Sleigh Ride                         Windy Night  

From Stacy Nash

Pumpkin Harvest Pinkeep          Thistles & Spells Pinkeep

Potions Sewing Pouch          Mourning Tree      
                                                 Sewing Bag

From The Scarlett House
A cute pumpkin pillow. 

Pumpkins & Bittersweet


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