Monday, September 22, 2014

New designs are on the way!

With cooler weather returning, now is a great time to get those fingers flying and get some stitching done. I actually started a Halloween project over the weekend. I hope to get it finished in a week or two (most likely 2) and then I'll post a picture of it. 

The Fall Custom Framing Special will start this Saturday September 27th and run through October 14th. It is starting a litter earlier this year so I wanted to give everyone a heads up. During the special, you will receive 20% off a total custom frame order. A 50% deposit is required and rush orders will not be discounted. This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions.
Are you planning to have Diana do some finishing (like stockings, pillows, etc.) for Christmas?
Well, the Christmas cut off date for finishing is September 30th. Anything dropped off after that date, will not be ready for Christmas so get those projects finished quickly. 


From Rosewood Manor
What a beautiful sampler! I love the colors. 

Quaker Village

From By the Bay Needleart
A lovely fall design. 

Autumn in Vermont

From Just Nan
A wonderful collection of fall/Halloween designs. The new ornament is simply "batty".

October Eves

Batty Boris - Limited Edition Ornament          Spider Cat      
                                                                                Garden Charm Pin
                                                                                  (limited pins available)

From Nora Corbett
Cleo and her raven friend are ready for a new adventure. She is the fifth of six designs in the Bewitching Pixie series.  Mari has the wisdom of the great owl in one hand and the magical powers of the staff in the other. She is the last of the series of six designs in the Bewitching Pixie series.

Mari                                          Cleo

From Historic Stitches and Liberty Hill
Historic Stitches and Liberty Hill have collaborated on a new project... The Harvest Home Pynboxe. The kit includes a hand-painted box by Liberty Hill and a chart by Historic Stitches for the box’s lid liner, plus detailed instructions for making the wool pumpkin pincushion. This box is tooo cute!!!

The Harvest Home Pynboxe

From Teresa Kogut
I love all 3 of these designs but my favorite is "Give Ye Thanks". Have I mentioned before that I love Thanksgiving?

Merry Halloween                     Angels Wings   

Give Ye Thanks

From Waxing Moon Designs
I really like this fall banner and her other seasonal banners are nice as well.

Autumn Things

From Scissor Tail Designs
What a simple but beautiful Christmas piece. 

Christmas Charm

From MarNic Designs
"Pumpkin Critters" is my new favorite "welcome" desgin. This will be a definite project for next year. 

Pumpkin Patch Critters


Other new designs arriving are:

  Quote of the Month            Halloween Tree
                 September                  from The Sisterhood      
from Stoney Creek                                             
Those Shoes                             Hello Fall
both from Pickle Barrel Designs
Pomegranate Pocket & Pin             Northwoods    
          from Hands on Design                     from Ink Circles      

Stitching Tips

Using Blending Filament

There is nothing that can add more sparkle and pizzazz to your cross stitch than blending filament. It can also be very frustrating to work with however, there are some tricks to working with it. 

The reason the filament tends to split and break (which is why it is so frustrating to use) is due to the needle sliding up and down on the blending filament as you stitch. To stop this sliding action, knot the filament onto your needle. 

You can do this by following this easy threading technique:

1. Cut the required length of blending filament and fold about 5 cm (2 inches)          for one end.
2. Insert loop through eye of needle.
3. Pull loop over the point of the needle.
4. Tighten the loop at the end of the eye to secure the thread to the needle.

Also, use shorter thread lengths than you normally would. There is also a product called "Thread Heaven" that you can run your filament through that helps it to stitch more smoothly.

Have a great week!

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