Monday, November 3, 2014

Stitching weather has arrived!

Wow, Saturday was an interesting day. We by-passed fall and went straight to winter. Luckily, fall temperatures will be returning this week. Kinda makes you wonder what this winter will be like (I think really coooold).  Saturday (with all the rain and cold) was a perfect day to stay home and stitch. I wasn't able to stitch during the day but I did get a nice bit done on Saturday evening. I'm still working on a Halloween piece and have decided that since Halloween has already come and gone, I'm just really ahead for next year (not late for this year...ha ha).

New designs are on the way...take a look. Oh, just so you know, there are only 52 days until Christmas!  


From Homespun Elegance
Three wonderful new designs. I like them all! 

Oh Joyful Acorn         Christmas Tree A Plenty      

Belsnickle Chimney Santa

From Hands on Design
I love the colors in this piece. It has been a long time since I have done a counted canvas piece. I may just have to do this one.

Holiday Bells
(a counted canvas design)

From The Victoria Sampler
I love the "Needlework Shop". The roof is actually the lid to the box so you can take it off and use it to store your needlework tools and scissors. 

Gingerbread Scissors Keep     Down Jinglepot Road #2    

Gingerbread Needlework Shop

From Ink Circles
This design is the 3rd in the "Village Home Series" (a collaboration of eight designers whose designs will reflect their personal idea of their home in this village). 

Village Square

From AAN
More beautiful designs from Alessandra Adelaide. "Wishes" is my favorite of this group.

                       Wishes                               Special Christmas Tree 2014

C.O. (Christmas Ornaments)

Albero dei Ricordi (Tree of Memories)

and there's more.............

            All I Want for Christmas       Merry Christmas & Don't Pout    
          from Val's Stuff                           from Abby Rose Designs

A Happy Halloween 
from Lila's Studio

Hannah's Thankful Heart
from Scattered Seeds Samplers

Longfellow's Round Tower                          Wild Goose    
            from Tempting Tangles

Twin Crossing
from The Stitching Studio


Stitching tips & techniques

The French Knot is used in many counted cross stitch designs to add extra detail or dimension. To make a French Knot, bring the needle up at 1. Hold your thread taut with the other hand and wrap the thread twice around the end of the needle. Gently pull the thread so that the wrapped threads tighten and while holding it taut, insert the needle next to 1. Pull thread through onto the backside until the knot is formed and lies securely on the surface.
TIP: To make a larger knot, wrap the thread around the needle a couple of extra times or use a thicker thread.



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