Monday, March 9, 2015

Finally....a new blog post!

I'm sorry that I missed blogging last week. Peggy & Carol came back from Nashville with a lot of new items that had to be checked in, put on the web and in the store. Needless to say, everyone had to help with this process. We now have everything done and can get back to normal (whatever that is). 

Displays featuring new items brought back from Nashville

Even though many new items were brought back from market, there are still new things on the way. Take a look.....


From SamSarah 
I definitely think the bird that is sitting on the cat's paw is a little crazy.

Part 2 of the "Still Crazy" series

From Mill Hill (& Laurel Burch)
These kits come with either Linen or Aida fabric, floss, needle, beads and complete instructions. They fit in a 6 x 6 black frame from Mill Hill.

Orange Cat                                    Blue Cat  

Pink Cat                                        Red Cat

Feathered Friend                       Feline Friends

From The Workbasket
I love all the bunnies. Easter must be coming!

  Punnies                            Carrot Talk


From Stoney Creek
A new "monthly"

Flowers of the Month - March

From The Vickery Collection
Great car designs. Perfect gift for someone who loves old cars. 

Beautiful Ladies

From Just Nan
The following designs were not available at market but they will be releasing in March.

                         Bluebird Tweet                 Pearl Nest Needle Slide  
               (LIMITED EDITION)                  (LIMITED EDITION)

Spring in the Meadow

The following is just a "peek"
It will not be released until LATE APRIL!

      Perpetual Pentagon             Charm Garden Pins
                                                          Robin & White Flower
                                                                         The pins are sold only as a set and only
                                                                            with the purchase of "Perpetual Pentagon"

From Amaryllis Artworks
I never really thought about stitching a pine cone  but the one on the needle book looks amazing. 

Pining to Stitch

From Carriage House Samplings
Two new samplers. 

Red Winged Blackbird                 Shenandoah       

From Scattered Seeds Samplers
I love this little sampler. I want to call it "Two white bunnies and the Beanstalk" (haha)

Milly & Molly O'Mally

From Annalee Waite Designs

Vintage Lovely                              In Bloom    

Jewel Flowers

  Celebration Boots                     The Magical Season

From Pine Mountains Designs
"March" into spring with this adorable March snapshot and some "Words of Wisdom".

March Snapshot

Words of Wisdom - Wonder Always
This design is available as either a sampler kit or a pillow kit.
The sampler kit includes the chart and 32ct. linen.
The pillow kit includes a pre-finished pillow sham with a 16ct.
Aida insert, floss, pattern and needle. 


Image result for clip art spring


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