Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Break!

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Spring break is here (at least for my kids it is). Even though I'm not on spring break, I will enjoy not having to drag my son out of bed to get ready for school. That in itself is a break for me. I am taking off on Wednesday so that my sister and I can take our kids to Carowinds. Probably will wish I went to work instead.

I made progress on the mermaid I'm stitching but I haven't finished it yet. I had hoped to finish it this weekend but I did not. Oh well, my new goal is to finish by the end of the week. I really do not have a whole lot left to do so I should be able to make this goal.

New designs are on the way. Take a look at what will be arriving in the shop soon.


From Stoney Creek
A new series of inspirational sayings. These would make great gifts (not too big & not too small).  They have also added a new "Flower of the Month" - April. 

Simply Inspirational:

Friendship                                 Bee Thankful


      Count Your Blessings                       Hearts to God            

Flowers of the Month - April

From SamSarah Design Studio
"Still Crazy" is a 6 part series. This is part 3. I have posted a picture of what the entire design will look like when all 6 parts are together. We have parts 1 & 2 done at the shop and it looks great so far. Very fun and colorful.

Still Crazy - part 3

Still Crazy

From Not Forgotten Farm
Two new primitive designs. 

Rabbit Stew

Spring Farmhouse

From Cherry Hill Stitchery
Two very different types of birth announcements. I like them both.

Now We Have Everything                     For This Child        

From Lizzie Kate
My favorite new "Lizzie Kate" is "How to be a Mean Mother". Based on this, I am a mean mother but I should probably be meaner. (HA)

    3 Little Words: 
Today Choose Joy                        Never Give Up
Collect Memories                      A Little Wedding
                                                           includes 32ct Lambswool linen
                                                            and the antique gold key charm

How to be a Mean Mother

From Summer House Stitche Workes
"Happy House" is the 8th and final design in the "Village Home" series. As inviting as the house is, I really love "Sophia"! What a cute owl and just look at those wonderful colors. Must have this one. 

Happy House                                 Sophia      

 This is a new series featuring sweet, little stitched motifs that combine with your found objects to create unique projects that are as individual as you are. Not fond of the "Postcard" finish, no matter, use those same motifs to create a myriad of smalls, from bowl fillers to pin keeps. The designs are stitched in just one color, so use whatever fabric and floss you have in your overflowing stash bins. The series will be released in four installments over the next few months. 

Paris (#1)
Voyage (#2)

Lark (#3)

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