Monday, June 1, 2015

Finally...a new blog post!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day holiday. Mine was very busy and as predicted, not a single stitch was stitched. Oh well, my kids only have 4 more days until their summer begins so maybe I'll be able to find a little more stitching time. 

Since it has been 2 weeks since the last blog, there is a lot to share (too much actually). I'm going to post some new designs that are coming as well as a few that have already arrived in the store. I can't post everything, so remember to check the "What's New" section on our website.

This blog will be a little bit long today...sorry...but there is a lot to show since I missed a week.


From Lizzie Kate
These are the 5 new designs that Lizzie Kate will be releasing in June. There is also a another "mystery" sampler in the works. I don't have much info about it yet but I have shared what I do know (see below).


Do Small Things with Great Love               Nevermore Snippet   

       3 Little Words:
               Dreaming is Free                    Embrace the Journey   

"A LITTLE Mystery"
Lizzie Kate is releasing a new mystery sampler this summer called
"A Little Mystery". I don't have all the details yet but here is what I know...

  • It will be shipped in 3 parts (July, August & September)
  • This "mystery" is a little smaller that previous ones. It is packaged in smaller bags, the overall design is smaller and the cost is also smaller.
  • A bonus design will be included with each part.
When I have more info, I'll share it with you.

From Dames of the Needle
I love the colors and overall look of this sampler. Definitely going into the "stash".

Eliza Ann Scott 1847

From CM Designs
What a cute little fellow!

Snowflake Farmer

From Blackberry Lane
What a beautiful tribute and remembrance.

Long May She Wave

From Carriage House Samplings
I don't think I would have ever picked that color of fabric for this piece but it actually looks good. 

Widow's Walk

From Just Nan
The lovely "Summer in the Meadow" can be framed or made into a beautiful needle case. "Juliet" is the newest addition to the ornament series. Watch comes the mouse!

Summer in the Meadow

Juliet the Bride Mouse
The chart pack includes: tulle for veil, gold hanger for the tail,
antique brass button for the base, pearl & crystal beads, the rose
bouquet and complete finishing instructions.

From Hands on Design
Two new "A Year in Chalk" designs. I like the July one best but my favorite of all the new designs is "Stitching by the Sea". What an adorable pincushion. 

Stitching by the Sea             Seas the Day         

  A Year in Chalk:
  July                                    August

Never.more                                        Scary.bit

From With Thy Needle & Thread

  Bluebird Out My Window              Grand Olde Flag        

From SamSarah Design Studio

All Hallow's Eve (kit)
includes: chart 32ct. hand dyed linen, buttons,
6" Ackfeld hanger and instructions.
(does NOT include floss)

Santa's Cabinet - Elves
Santa's cabinet is a new 5 part series. It is similar to the series
"Witch's Pantry". A new part will be released every
other month. The first part (shown above) is called "Elves".

Over the Hill - Birds & Bees         Over the Hill - Patriot
"Over the Hill" is a new 9 part series. It is totally different from
other series because you do not need to buy all 9 parts in order
to stitch it.  Each part can stand alone.

From Imaginating
Let's just love these designs!

Let's Drink Beer                         Let's Go Green      

Let's Love Little Boys              Let's Love Little Girls

From Praiseworthy Stitches
I love this! Don't know if i could put it together but I do love it. Another one for the "stash".

May Flower Etui

From Shepherd's Bush
These designs should arrive in the shop this week.

   Summer Trifles (leaflet)    Crown Thy Good (kit)

   Hope for Peace (kit)            Flag Box (kit)       

New From Mill Hill

2015 Beaded & Button Kits 
 Winter Series

  All is Calm                             Jolly St. Nick
Spiced Wreath                        Mr. Jack Frost

        City Bank                              Joy of Christmas 

2015 Winter Holiday 
Seasonal Ornament Kits

        Candlelight                        Gingerbread Cottage

Christmas Letter                 Pinecone        

   Snowshoes                       Sweater Weather

2015 Santa Ornament Kits

 Celtic Wales               Celtic Ireland            Celtic Scotland
Santa                             Santa                              Santa  

The following designs are now in the shop.

Merry Merry                           Land That I Love 
from Country Cottage Needleworks
"Merry Merry" is #10 in the Classic Ornament Collection.

         Sweet Apples                    My Lady Liberty
from Little House Needleworks
"Sweet Apples" is #6 in the Sampler Tree series

Blessed is the Life
from Little House Needleworks 


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