Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day...early

Even though it is a day early, I just want to say "Happy Valentine's Day".  Hope everyone has a "sweet" day tomorrow. If your not craving candy, what about a new cross stitch project? Take a look at some new designs that are on the way.

From MarNic Designs
Ok, now I know why I like to cross stitch. It allows me to repeatedly stab something that won't send me to prison.

Cross Stitching - Stabbing Something 20,000X

       Send in the Clowns                           Looking at Life a New Way

From Scattered Seeds Samplers
A sweet needle book (love the bunny) and a very romantic pillow.

Sweet Sentiments                    Abby's Needlekeep

From Bobbie G. Designs
I really love how vibrant the colors look on the Small Animal Sampler but to get that effect, you would have to stitch it on black fabric...ughhh.

Country Style Sampler         Small Animal Sampler        

From Ronnie Rowe Designs
Two new series...the Midsomer series and the Serengeti series. The Midsomer series are beautiful scenes and the Serengeti series has wonderfully bold colors. Great designs.

 Midsomer Tool Shed         Midsomer Gateway

 Midsomer Hostel               Midsomer Portal 

Serengeti Welcome                 Serengeti Elephant

Serengeti Giraffe                       Serengeti Lion

"Stitch Dots" has a new series of needle minders featuring Erica Michaels Designs.




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