Monday, February 12, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day....a little early

Happy Valentine's Day (2 days early). You know what would make a great Valentine? A new cross stitch project. So treat yourself to a special Valentine's gift and pick out something new to do. It doesn't matter if you already have a few started. One more won't hurt. 

There are a few new designs on the way for me to share but please keep checking the "what's new" section on our website. I have and will be adding more designs that will be releasing in Nashville (the first of March). 


From Homespun Elegance
Three new Christmas ornaments. My favorite is the snowman. He is just too cute along with his woodland friends.

Yule Be Merry                         Snowy Friends

Santa Please Fill My Stocking

From The Vickery Collection
Just looking at this makes me crave some pasta. I must be hungry.


From Heartstring Samplery
These fobs are so sweet and would be very quick to stitch.

Festive Little Fobs #2 - Springtime

From Plum Street Samplers
Plum Street is starting a new series called "Noah's Christmas Ark".  It will be released in 6 charts (2 designs per chart). Each design can be stitched individually or all together (4 blocks across, 3 blocks down).  I may have to start this series. I love the crocodiles and giraffes.

A Hundred Ways

Noah's Ark Christmas #1 
(Crocodiles & Giraffes)



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