Monday, April 8, 2019

Coming Soon!

This little bee is just buzzin' by to say "Happy Monday"! I hope everyone had a nice weekend. The weather was great. I didn't get a chance to enjoy it on Saturday (due to work) but I did on Sunday. Now, if we could just keep the temps in the 70's things would be perfect but I know the 80's and 90's are just around the corner. Ughhhh!

From Mill Hill
The 2019 Autumn kits are on the way. 

2019 Buttons & Beads: Autumn Series

Fairy Garden                                Foot Bridge 

Ghost Town                                   Midnight Owl

      Pomegranates                      Sunflower Bouquet

2019 Autumn Harvest Collection

     Fall Back                             Harvest Wagon

   Moonstruck Manor                        Taboo Kitty           

       Pretzel                                  Rainy Weather

From Little Dove Designs
"Autumn Glows" has lovely, rich fall colors and fun motifs. "Mermaid Kisses" would make any little girl smile...even me.

Autumn Glows

Mermaid Kisses

From Abby Rose Designs
Three sweet little pillows with very truthful sayings.

Just Saying

From Lucy Beam
Love the tulips! 

Tulip House

My Work

From Heartstring Samplery
This design was inspired by a real place located near the end of the Oregon Trail. Inside the chart, you will find historical details about the house and the original occupants. 

Philip Foster Farmhouse

From Heart in Hand
These are so cute and should stitch up really quick.

Square Dance - April, May & June

From Annie Beez Folk Art
The 3rd part in a 9 part snowman series. Too cute!

Snowy 9 Patch - part 3

From Frony Ritter
Two lovely inspirational designs. Beautiful colors.

Glory to God in the Highest               Your Heart and My Heart

From Luhu Stitches
Take a look at these fun designs from a new designer. 

    Little Fall Fling                       Little Winter Fling 

Little Summer Fling                Little Spring Fling

Patriotic Luhu Bird              Easter Bonnet Luhu

Bee Sweet and Bumble               Faith Hope Love  

Walkin' on Sunshine                           Aunt Bea            

From Keslyn's
Four very elegant designs.

               Easter's Egg                     Miss Kitty's Halloween   

Harmony's Staff                    Heart Leaves           

From Needle Bling Designs
Now that is a green face. What a great small Halloween design.

Old Witch in the Moon

From Homespun Elegance 
This design is making me want some coffee. I wonder if i could get it delivered? 

Delivering the Coffee Beans

From Vintage Needlearts
Very cute farm animals!

Eeny Meeny Miny Moo

Willamia's Woolens





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