Monday, July 6, 2020

Happy July!

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July. I enjoyed my weekend with my husband and kids. My mom and sister did not come this year, opting to stay home because of the virus. Hopefully, we will be able to get together for the next 4th of July.

Need a new project, here are some new designs to consider.

From Lindy Stitches
These adorable birds (called Blue Footed Boobies) look like they enjoy dancing.

Beach Dance

From Mill Hill
The Mouse Trilogy kits include: perforated paper, beads, needles, floss, chart and instructions. The Gnome Quartet kits include: 28ct. Star Sapphire linen, beads, floss, needles, chart and instructions.

Mouse Trilogy

 Patsy Pine                                   Mac Cheese

Cindy Cane

Gnome Quartet

Fishing Gnome                           Hiking Gnome

    Skiing Gnome                          Sledding Gnome

From Ink Circles
A lovely thistle design as well as some beautiful silhouettes. 

               This'll Do                      Elemental Dragons - Air

Reflections of Amsterdam

From Homespun Elegance
Did someone order some wine? This cute sheep is happy to deliver.

Delivering Wine Grapes

From Pickle Barrel Designs
Two great summer designs.

   Dear Ol' Dad                         We the People 

From Sue Hillis Designs
How cute are these designs? I really need to do "Grill Master" for my hubby. 

Dogs on the Run

From Barbara Ana
A fun Halloween piece. I love how everything is centered around a skeleton key.


From Tiny Modernist
Cute designs! I love the seasonal trees and even the octopus biscornu. I may finally try and do a biscornu

Halloween Ouija 2        Summer Bell Pull

          Seasonal Trees                Octopus Biscornu  



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