Monday, June 12, 2017

Happy Summer...the heat has arrived!

As I was watching the news this morning, I was informed by the weatherman that we will be having a heat wave this week (well, it is June). It just makes me appreciate my air conditioner and ceiling fans even more. I guess this means I should avoid the heat and humidity by staying indoors and stitching. This is a perfectly good idea and one in which I will actually follow through with.

Need a "beat the heat" project? Take a look at some new designs that will be arriving soon.

From Bobbie G Designs
Great Halloween design. I love the witches in silhouette.

Good Witch

From Kit & Bixby
The design reads "Cats - We're not trying to be bad it just comes naturally" and as all cat people know, this is so true.

Cats We're Not Trying to be Bad

From Tellin Emblem
I love the look of these Christmas carols. I hope she designs some more.

 Christmas Carol - Jingle Bells         Christmas Carol  - Silent Night

From Shepherd's Bush
A very patriotic collection of designs. My favorite is "Liberty Notes".

         Liberty Notes (leaflet)      There Dwells My Heart (kit)

Little Blue House Tin (kit)        Land of Liberty (kit)

From Hands on Design
Adding on to some previously started series.

12 Days - Ladies & Lords
part 5 of 6 in the series

Chalk for the Home: Rose Cottage
This is the second in a series of 4 seasonal home designs.
It also includes a smaller companion piece - "Summer".

From Elizabeth's Designs
The needlework sampler is great. This one is a must for my "stash".

 For Love of Needlework                  Summertime     

From Needle Bling Designs
I really love both of these pillows. The sayings are great. I want to get my tail to the beach and stitch. 

Get Your Tail to the Beach

It's All About the Stitch

From Erica Michaels
The final part of the 12 Berries series as well as two other companion pieces. Mary Haven's smalls were taken from the larger Mary Havens Sampler and Mermaid Berry is a companion to the By the Sea Sewing Set. 

12 Berries of Christmas - part 4
Leaping Lords, Pipers & Drummers

Mary Haven's Smalls

Mermaid Berry


Have a great week!

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