Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer is here!

Well, officially,  the first day of summer is June 21st but since Memorial Day has past and my kids are out of of school....summer has arrived! It's hard to believe that it is only June 5th and I have already been on vacation. My husband and I took the kids to Universal Studios in Orlando after Memorial Day. We all had a great time even if my calves are still aching from all the walking. 

I took a small cross stitch project with me but didn't get very much accomplished. I guess I'll work on it some this week. I know I missed sharing some things with you so please keep checking the "what's new" and "just arrived" sections on our website. I'll be updating those this week. I have a lot of catching up to do.

In the meantime, here are some new designs that will be arriving soon....enjoy!


From Mill Hill
Thee more new collections. I love the trees!

 Mighty Oak Quartet Kits
  Spring Oak                                  Summer Oak

    Fall Oak                                       Winter Oak

2017 Charmed Ornament Kits - Sleighs
  Celestial Sleigh                        Evergreen Sleigh

  Toyland Sleigh                     Traditional Sleigh

Woodland Sleigh                       Vintage Sleigh   

2017 Caribbean Santa Ornament Kits
  Jamaica Santa                          Barbados Santa

Trinidad Santa

From Prairie Schooler
Well, I guess even though officially retired, Prairie Schooler is going to keep doing the Santas.

2017 Prairie Schooler Santa

From Crossed Wing Collection
A simply stunning design. I love the hand dyed fabric that it is stitched on.

And Then Comes Spring

Abby Rose Designs
A simple but lovely pillow. 

An Autumn Pillow

From Lizzie Kate
Three new designs. I love the beach one. With all the beach designs that I like, I should have a beach house.  

Be Still - Inspiration Boxer

                               Red White and Beach                   Celebrate with Charm: Boo   

From Stacy Nash Primitives
Two very different samplers. I like them both. I especially like all the little rabbits on the lawn.

Summer House Pin Keep                Rabbit Hollow Farm Sampler

From Val's Stitchin' Stuff
Too cute! A wonderful design for those who love dogs.

Just Can't Hold My Licker

From Lila's Studio
I really like how these are finished. These are the first two in the "Seasons" series.  Autumn and Winter will be released in July.

  Seasons: Spring                    Seasons: Summer

A new Series from Brenda Gervais
(With Thy Needle & Thread)

Summer Schoolhouse - Lessons in Abecedarian

This series will consist of 4 lessons/4 separate charts with a total of 6 projects. This is a mystery series so only snippets of each lesson will be shared. Lesson #1 will be released June 20th; Lesson #2 on July 20th; Lesson #3 August 20th & Lesson #4 September 20th.

The designs are worked on 28ct. Mushroom Lugana over 1 thread. This is a great fabric to work over one on because it is evenweave and the "holes" are easy to see. All six of the designs coordinate and are designed to be placed together for a striking vignette of tiny hand work. This will be a wonderful summer project.

The required fabric for all 4 lessons is 9" x 55" (this is enough for finishing/backing).



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