Monday, April 16, 2018

On the way....

Happy Monday and yes, it is Monday. Mine started out wonderfully. Thought I had my husband out the door when I heard him call my name. I went to see what he wanted and it turned out his car battery died so we had to use my car to give him a jump start. No big deal but it made me run late...ughhhh. I also have a dental appointment this morning to get a cavity filled. You can see how my Monday is going. I sure hope the rest of you have a better day and even better week.

Now, on to the good stuff. Here are some new designs that will be arriving soon. Take a look.

From Mirabilia
It looks like this lovely fairy is trying to decide if she wants to get out of bed. 


From Heartstring Samplery
The bees are just buzzing with excitement over these new designs.

 Festive Little Fobs #4                          Bee Garden            
Beekeeping Edition                                                              

From The Needle's Notion
I love all the motifs on this sampler.

Hope Chest Sampler

From Tralala
What a sweet spring design.

Chasse A L'oefu - Egg Hunt

From Stoney Creek
That is one fancy bird feeder. Gorgeous piece but lots of stitching.

                Bird Gazebo                             Towels of the Month- April  

From Jardin Prive
What fun designs: an Alice in Wonderland globe and a patchwork of dogs.

    Alice Au Pays Des Mereilles               Patchwork Au Chiens            

From Annie Beez Folk Art  
A very folk arty design. Makes a cute pillow.

Garden Fair

From MarNic Designs
This is too funny but so true. 

Growing Old is Inevitable


Have a great week!
I'm off to the dentist



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