Friday, September 28, 2012

Still trying to catch up!!!!

Well, I couldn't list all wonderful designs last week because the blog was getting very long. Today, however, I will post what I left off along with some other goodies that I have found. Some of the designs are available now and some will be ready soon. Sit back and enjoy! I have a feeling this blog might also get a little long.

From Kreinik
HALLOWEEN Stitch-a-Pen Kits
Each of these kits include:
pen, perforated paper, Kreinik metallic threads, needle and instructions.
They are fast and easy to assemble and use Parker Pen refills.

BarGhoulo                        BooZantine                     HunGoblin

Jack O'Ard                       MilanEek                              Owlet

ScareNa                         VanFright

From Plum Street Samplers

                   Vexation Sampler                                         Salem SistersIII

From Nikyscreations

Woodlands                                       The Family

    Friends                                         Dutch Sampler

From Lady K Needlearts

Flourish Desk Accessories

        Roses for Christmas               A Christmas Tree Garden

 From Acorn House

           Halloween                                                                 Oct. 31

Jack O in the Box                            Black Cat

From Island Cottage Needlearts

A Schoolgirl's Book of Needle Worke - September

 From By the Bay Needleart

     Spot of the Bay Sampler                           Birds of a Funky Feather #4

From Blackbird Designs

Summer's Last Rose                    Merry Christmas
3rd in the 2012 Loose Feathers series                                               

From The Scarlett House

Christmastide at Holly House

From Heartstring Samplery

Christmas Band Sampler                     Baby It's Cold Outside

From Amy Bruecken Designs

   Kitty 4 Sale                          St. Nick's Noel
Just a Quickie: Moon Spider              Just a Quickie: Star Spider

Just a Quickie: Heart Spider

From Glendon Place

Frank's Family Portrait                     Wicked Wanda         

All Hallows Eve
I do not have a picture for this one yet but it is a Halloween
version of the 12 Days of Christmas. It sounds really cute and I
can't wait to see it. It will be releasing in mid-October.
Frank and Wanda will be released next week.

From Annie's Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch Treasures for Children

From Imaginating

 Joy                           Mother & Child                         Tricky Kitty

  Beasties                                       Let's Purr

From Not Forgotten Farm

Sisters of the Broom                    Stove Pipe Hill  

From Threadwork Primitives


From Val's Stuff

Boo Crew

From Queenstown Sampler Designs

Life is a Beach


Just a quick reminder:

The Fall Custom Framing Special
will start on October 6th and run until October 23rd.



Friday, September 21, 2012

Time to catch up.

Oops!....I'm sorry there wasn't a blog last week. What can I say except schedules were messed up. Oh well, I will now play catch up and share some wonderful new things that have arrived in the shop or will be arriving soon. Get comfy because it's a rather long list. Here it goes.....

From Just Another Button Company

                 Dream                              Christmas Tidings

Mischievous Monster                           Curious Owl      

             Sit a Spell                              Trick or Treat with Ewe

From Jeanette Douglas Designs

           Christmas Quaker Pincushions              Halloween Quaker Pincushions       

Pumpkin Stitches                                            Apple Stitches

Christmas Sampler

From Pickle Barrel

Santa's Workshop

From Carriage House Samplings

  Pantaloons                                     Cat's Eyes

Ode to the Newspaper

From Barbara Ana

Wicked Since

A Wicked Plant

From The Sunflower Seed

Sunflower Bunny                         Sunflower Sam 

From Dames of the Needle

1807 Tulips

From Elizabeth's Designs

A Witch & Her Cat

From Plum Pudding Needleart

Snow Daze

From SamSarah

Wow.... a NEW series. This time a perpetual calendar. The following designs are the first two parts in a 12 part series. This is how it stitch the individual designs on perforated paper then cut around them and glue onto heavy tags (which by the way, are already precut and punched). you are ready to hang them up. There will be a tag for each month, each day of the week, each date and some cute seasonal ones. This is a very cute idea...but lots of stitching!

Fun Every Day - January

Fun Every Day - February

also from SamSarah

Shining Star

The Flock - Yellow Polka Dot Bird
8th in a 12 part series

Witch's Pantry - Tooth of the Wolf
3rd in a 6 part series

From Summer House Stitche Works

     Sonnet                                        Indian Summer

Calico Sampler #5
5th part in a 9 part series

From Sue Hillis Designs

             Zoom Broom                                  On the Twelfth Day of Christmas

Gingerbread Street

From Rosewood Manor

 Four Corners                            Acorn Forest

            Holly Berries Stocking               Weeping Willow Welcome     

   Nostalgia VII                             Arise, My Soul

From Cherished Stitches

Feathered Friends - September       Feathered Friends - October

Enter If You Dare                          Undertaker 

From Satin Stitches

    Rose Bouquet                               Spin Out         

Diamond Spray Runner                Heirloom Collection IV  

From Sullivan's

These 4" embroidery scissors feature large finger holes with beautiful designs on the handles. They are available in antique silver or antique copper.

Antique Silver                            Antique Copper

From Cherrywood Design Studio & Ink Circles

These two designers teamed up to create a special Halloween design called "Boo"ltimore. The style of the design was inspired by the classic Baltimore Album Quilt. There are two different graphs for this one design (the right side and the lesft side). I have shown both parts plus the two together.

    " Boo"ltimore - left side              "Boo"ltimore - right side


From Kelmscott

Scissors - Vineyard 
available in gold or primitive finish

Scissors - Swordfish
available in silver or primitive finish

Needleminder - Spirit of Hope

From Country Cottage Needleworks

      Be Thankful                                November Cottage

From Little House Needleworks

    Country Christmas Ornament                              Winter Plaid      
newest in the 2012 ornament series                                                     

We Sheep Hear My Voice

From Shepherd's Bush

Charland's Stocking


Wow, that really was a long list...and guess what??? There is still more. Since this blog is so long, I will post the rest next week with any other wonderful goodies that I might find. However, please remember to look at the what's new section of our web page. We are continually updating it and I can't possibly blog about everything. You might find something on there that you can't live without.

Have a great weekend everyone!