Monday, June 27, 2016

Happy 4th ....a little early

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We will be CLOSED on Monday July 4th (therefore, no blog next week). I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend. I will blog again on July 11 but do not despair, I have some new designs to share with you this week and should hopefully have even more in 2 weeks.

Just a reminder, the shop is currently running a framing special for graduation and wedding items. This would include invitations, diplomas and any other graduation or wedding memorabilia. The sale ends July 15, 2016.

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From Plum Street Samplers
A Bowl Full of Scaries is a Halloween/Autumn themed series of small designs that can be made into pin cushions and gathered into a nice-sized bowl or basket! "Scary One" is the first in the series and includes the chart, Weeks Dye Work threads, and the trim from Lady Dot Creates needed to complete the design as pictured on the cover. This is a very limited design so reserve your copy now!

    A Bowl Full of Scaries: Scary One              Sampler Lesson One            
                                                                           This design was previously 
                                                                         released as a limited
                                                                         design containing the threads. 
                                                                                    Now it is available as a
                                                                             CHART ONLY.
Babushka's Blossoms

From Victoria Sampler
Two new cottages. I wish that I was at either one of these cottages probably the pumpkin one since it is by the sea (and I love pumpkins).

Hydrangea House Sampler                               Pumpkin Cottage               


From Misty Hill Studio
I love how the Floral Sentiments were made into pillows...too cute.

         Floral Sentiments                                     Patriotic Medley

From Stoney Creek
Two "cool" wintertime designs. Countdown to Christmas features a chalkboard button that you can actually write on.

  Countdown to Christmas                          Winter Bellpull          

From Sweetheart Tree 
These designs were originally released as kits but now they are now available as just a chart. 

Tiny Alphabet Sampler

Fanciful Roses Sampler

Simply Romantic

Sparkling Forget Me Not Sampler

From Tree of Life Samplings
What a beautiful patriotic sampler. I especially like the saying. 

Blessed Nation

From Rosewood Manor
I'm ready...let's go.


From Jeannette Douglas
When all four seasons are together, this is going to be a gorgeous piece and I can't wait to see it. 

Autumn by the Sea
3rd in a set of 4 seasonal designs that 
are stitched together to make one piece

From Hands on Design
The 7th in a year-long series of calendar floral designs.

Chalk.Squared - July

From Summer House Stitche Workes
This is the 2nd of 3 designs in the Boxtop Galaxy series. It also includes a part of the Zephyr Hill Mystery sampler.

Galaxy Boxtop: Navigating the Cosmos

Zephyr Hill Mystery Sampler


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Have a great week 
and enjoy the long weekend.

Monday, June 20, 2016


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What a beautiful Monday (I'm not going to mention the heat...we all know it is HOT). I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine was very busy. My daughter's 16th birthday was Saturday and Father's Day was Sunday (oh, and today is my anniversary). A lot going on but I survived even though not a stitch was stitched. Hopefully, I'll get some stitching done this afternoon.

I found quite a few new designs that are on the way...take a look. 


From Imaginating
I agree with the owls...."Let's go to the beach". 

Lemonade                                  Carbo Kitty

Beach Owls


From Bobbie G Designs
These birds will have a beautifully colored nest if they keep taking pieces of thread from the spools.

Feather Your Nest

From MarNic Designs
These frogs look like they are about to have some fun. Is that frog in the middle wearing a beret?
Frogs Rule

From X's and Oh's
Simply beautiful!

Love Is

From Glendon Place
There are two designs in this group that I must have - Wicked Witch of Everything (the title says it all) and Thistle Do Nicely.

           Good to Gnaw                                     Rats                      

Wicked Witch of Everything               This Old Man              

Thistle Do Nicely

From Tiny Modernist
What a simple and sweet patriotic design. 

Happy 4th of July

From The Vickery Collection

Wish To Be Free

From Blackbird Designs
Number 9 in the Garden Club series.

The Gardener

From Little House Needleworks
Another series is getting ready to start...Little House ABC Samplers. The first one (ABC) is really cute now I can't wait to see the other 8 designs.

                   Little House "ABC" Sampler #1                 Honeybee Sampling                                              

From Country Cottage Needleworks
A sneak peek at the latest addition to the Gingerbread Village series and a wonderfully "cool" looking  summer piece. 

Gingerbread House #6                      Make Lemonade     

From SamSarah Design Studio
The steampunk Dragonfly looks very happy. He is kinda cute in a weird sort of way. I love the flowers in the garden design and the saying is very true. I only wish my son had read this. He did not avoid the poison ivy and now has it on his elbows and legs (not fun at all).

     Life is a Garden                     Steampunk Dragonfly 

From Samplers Remembered
A very unique sampler. I love the deer.

Checkerboard Stag Sampler

From Mirabilia
That is way more hair than I would want to deal with.



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Have a great week!

Monday, June 13, 2016

With the summer comes.....heat!

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Summer is just getting started but boy did it get hot fast (yeah, I's the south). Since it was so hot over the weekend, I stayed inside (I love AC) most of the time and was actually able to get a good bit of stitching done (yea!!!). You will never guess what I'm working on now....a snowman. It's a perfect summer project.

I finally finished "Electra" one of the Bewitching Pixies from Nora Corbett and it's now framed and hanging in the shop. I think she turned out really well although, the photo below isn't that great.

Need a new summer project? Well, take a look below at some of the new designs that will be arriving in the shop soon.


From Shepherd's Bush
Adorable new designs. I really like the buttons used on Sweet Honey Bee.

Sweet Honey Bee

  This Land (kit)                                    True Heart (kit)

From Needle Bling Designs
How cute....a sheep selling fireworks.

Let Freedom Ring

From Threadwork Primitives
A very nice (and primitive) patriotic design. I especially like the wavy flag.

Land That I Love

From Tiny Modernist
I also love to be by the sea. I wish I was there now.

Beside the Sea

From Death By Thread
A wonderful assortment of new designs. The Lobster Fob is just too fun.

Eyelet Sampler               Sewing House

       Beehive and Hollyhocks        1582 Sampler           

USS Mermaid Drumroll and Lobster Fob

From The Vickery Collection
Now, that's a lot of flip flops and they make such an interesting "flower".

Flip Flower

From AAN
The "Notes of a Witch" is a little creepy but the "Happy Dragonfly" is stunning. Love all the colors!

Notes of a Witch

Happy Dragonfly

From Heartstring Samplery
I love the sampler. I don't know if coffee saves lives but it does give me a great boost in the morning. As a matter of fact, I'm about to go pour my second cup.

Coffee Saves Lives

"O" is for Old Glory
This is the first design in the "Alphabet" series.
The letters will not be released in alphabetical order
but they will all be round and fit the same size frame.

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