Monday, March 25, 2013

Look what's coming!

Easter isn't the only thing on the way. Take a look below at some new designs that will be arriving in the shop very soon (most likely...this week). Be sure to check out the newest addition to Little House Needleworks' Hometown Holiday series ( Main Street Station). I really like this series. Since my project to do list is already very long, I am just collecting these patterns for now.

From Little House Needleworks:

Little Sheep Virtues - Peace

Hometown Holiday - Main Street Station

From Country Cottage Needleworks:

Singin' in the Spring

Santa's Village - Santa's Stocking Store

From With Thy Needle & Thread:

The Bee Keeper's Sampler

From Beehive Needleworks:

Marhta Tizwell's Tulips

From MarNic Designs:

Best Friends Welcome

From Bobbie G. Designs:

Sewing Notions

From CW Designs:

ABC Samplers of Christmas #1

ABC Samplers of Christmas #2

From Mosey & Me:

The Thread That Binds

From Pine Mountain Designs:

Spring Typography - Pillow Kit
Includes: pre-sewn pillow sham with a 16ct. aida
stitching area, floss needle and pattern.
Pillow form sold separately.

Spring Typography - Sampler Kit
Includes: 32ct. linen and pattern

From Homespun Elegance:

Acorn Lover Needle Necessaire

The Way to a Friend's House

From CM Designs:

Gingham Boughs                                                 Sway                           


From The Vickery Collection:

Flip Flop Fun

Wheelbarrow Seasons

From Cross Stitching Art:

Baker Chef

From Crossed Wing Collection:

Red Billed Streamertail (2013 Hummingbird)

From Imaginating:

Summer Stained Glass        Autumn Stained Glass

Winter Stained Glass            Spring Stained Glass

Have a great week

Monday, March 18, 2013

Just a qick little post.

The blog this week will be a very short one. Since so much came out after Nashville, there is not a whole lot to share right now. However, I did find a few new things but if you have not already done so, check out the what's new section on the has lots of stuff. The following patterns are on the way.

From Art to Heart

Ewe's Egg Hunt                                  Buzzing By

Keeping Promises

From Angel Stitchin'

Toilet Paper

Rule the World

From The Drawn Thread

Easter Eggs

Easter Basket

From The Sunflower Seed

Spectacular Spring

White Winter


Hope you all have a great week!!!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Blogger's Favorites!!!

Peggy and Carol have come back from Nashville with loads of new "goodies". Since most everything has already been posted on the website (check the what's new section), I have decided to do my blog differently this week. Instead of telling you what is on the way, I am going to share with you some of my favorite new things.

My Favorites

Snow Country Sleds               Quaker Sleds    

Snow Grateful                  Mixed Bag Quilts

Sledding Friends                Sled Heads

Bread Sleds

These cute sled ornaments are from a new designer...Foxwood Crossings.
I can just imagine a small Christmas tree covered in sled ornaments.
There are 7 leaflets with 3 designs in each.
They are stitched on brown Perforated Paper and then trimmed
to fit on the sled. The wooden and metal sled is
approximately 1 3/4" wide and 5" high.
What I like best?....They wouldn't take long to stitch.

  ACME Snow Mobile              RFD Sledding         

These two designs (also from Foxwood Crossings)
 are featured on a larger sled.
Approximate size of the sled is 2 1/2" wide and 7" high.
This sled is a little big for an ornament but would make a great table decoration.


My Stitching Bag from Shepherd's Bush (kit)

I liked this kit because it contains a pre-finished bag.
I do not have to sew anything...YEAH!!!!
Oh! also would be quick to stitch.

Gratitude from Shepherd's Bush (kit)

This is just a beautiful design.
The kit contains everything needed to complete the project.

Get Eggs from Shepherd's Bush (kit)

I thought this was a perfect little Easter project.
Guess won't take long to stitch. (notice a pattern here)


The Birds & the Bees from Ink Circles

This sampler just calls to me. You could really get creative with it.


Garden of Skulls from Prairie Moon

I am not really into skulls but I really liked this sampler.
It's something a little different for Halloween.


Commence Having Fun from SamSarah Design Studio

This kit comes complete with a 16oz. tumbler which is why I like it.
I am a sucker for drink ware.
I like the pattern as well. It would look cute hanging in my kitchen.
I also really like COFFEE.


At Our House from Lizzie Kate

This design is perfect for my family
especially the part that says "We do loud really well".
This is definitely going to the top of my to do list.


Congratulations from Sue Hillis

The Graduate's Journey from Sue Hillis

I thought both of these graduation projects were really nice. I might have
to put them in my stash to have on hand for when my children graduate.  


Well, those were some of my favorite things (for various reasons).
Remember to check out the website to see even more wonderful designs and
accessories. This was just a very small sampling.

Hope everyone has a great week!!