Monday, April 25, 2016

May is on the way...

This spring is just "springing" on by. Summer will be here before we know it. Maybe now would be a good time to pick out a new project to work on once the summer heat hits. Take a look below at some new designs that will be arriving soon. A new project could be on the way.


From La-D-Da
A beautiful band sampler featuring a peacock. What a fun looking sampler.

Peacock Band Sampler

From Blackbird Designs
A new addition to the garden club series and a wonderful new patriotic book. "Sweet Land Of Liberty" ... contains a reprint of the out of print Reward Of Merit design -"In Full Glory ". "Liberty Rose"and "Salute To Abigail" ( were previously exclusive designs, now available to all) and there are two brand new designs "American Eagle" and "Sweet Land of Liberty".

Climbing the Trellis
Garden Club series #7

Sweet Land of Liberty
Contains 5 patriotic designs

From Country Cottage Needleworks

                         Cake Menu                     Gingerbread Boy and Snowman
                                                                          Gingerbread Village series #7

From Kit & Bixby
Funny! I can't run from trouble because I'm not much of a runner. 

Can't Run From Trouble

From Samplers Not Forgotten
The saying reads "My soul is fed with needle & thread". 

With Needle & Thread

From Bobbie G Designs
These flowers look stunning on the black fabric but my eyes would kill me if I tried to work on black.

Flowers All Around

From Hands on Design
The 5th in a year-long series of calendar floral designs. 

Chalk Squared - May

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Just Cross Stitch
2016 Halloween Special Collector's Issue
This issue will be releasing at the end of June.


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Monday, April 18, 2016

On the way...

Good morning! I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. I most certainly did. The weather was beautiful and I actually had a chance to go out and enjoy it. Of course, I also found some time for stitching even if I didn't accomplish much. 

Take a look at some new designs that will be arriving soon. I actually found more to show than last week....yeah!!!


From Mill Hill
New kits: sugar skulls and monsters. Can you say "Halloween"?

2016 Calavera Charmed Ornament Kits

Verde                                               Rosa  

   Azul                                             Amarillo

Naranja                                         Morado

2016 Little Monsters Trilogy (kits)

Freckles                                       Spot 

Roly Poly

From Val's Stuff
This cute little owl includes both designs, one done on fabric and the other on paper. The chart also includes paper, felt and buttons. 

Whooo Gives a Hoot

From Little House Needleworks
Yeah! A new addition to the Hometown Holiday series. I just love the schoolhouse. I think Carol should stitch this one for her "hometown" collection. 

Hometown Holiday: Schoolhouse                         Four Freedoms     

From Abby Rose Designs
I like this little patriotic pillow but I think I would adjust the colors a little. 

Sweet Land of Liberty

From From the Heart
A wonderful Mother's Day idea.

For My Mother

From Tempting Tangles
I absolutely love the colors in the "Twilight" piece. This only makes sense because I'm much more of a "twilight" person than a "daybreak" one.

Daybreak Star Bright

Twilight Star Light

From Imaginating
Let the harvesting begin!

Let's Tractor

From Heart in Hand
Four very different but quick to stitch designs.

Blackout: Hooray                    Double-Up: Free

Fancy: Be Free                            Always You

From Hands on Design
Two new designs in the "To the Beach" series. 

To the Beach : Flock Together

To the Beach: Adjust Your Sails

From Designs by Lisa
Purr..fect design for cat lovers everywhere. If you change the border and heart color (orange, perhaps), it would make a cute Halloween piece. 

Black Cat Society

From Mirabilia
Love, love, love this design. I have already stitched two mermaids and thought that was enough but I might have to reconsider that thought. 

Aphrodite Mermaid

From Ship's Manor
Christmas and Halloween combined. I like both pieces but the "witch" is my favorite. 

Jolly Witch

From Barbara Ana Designs
A cheerful and lively story told in 5 stitched episodes. It starts in a witches' village, followed by a scene in the prairie, a walk in the wood, a trip to town, and last but not least, a voyage at sea. Each new part will be released monthly so you can stitch a piece at a time and assemble the parts as shown in the framed picture. Each piece is stitched separately on a different color of linen using the same DMC colors in all parts. Part 1 - The Night Of All Fears is shown below.


Now taking pre-orders 

Gingher  - 2016 Designer Series: Sawyer
These beautiful 4" embroidery scissors will be available sometime in September/October. 
Quantities are limited so reserve a pair now.
Great gift idea.


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Monday, April 11, 2016

Short and Sweet

Good morning. I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Even though it was a little cooler and breezier, I thought the weather was wonderful. I enjoyed being outside. Of course, I also spent time inside (cleaning, laundry, etc.). I was even able to find time on Saturday for some stitching (yeah!!). 

Here are some new designs that will be arriving soon. 


From Lizzie Kate
The 2016 Double Flip YearBook series features 2 monthly designs per chart and includes the Antique Gold charms used for each month.  The individual monthly stitch count is 69W x 41H or if you want to stitch them all together in one long row, the stitch count is 69W x 546H. 
Yearbook Double Flips

January/February                     March/April      


          Accept What Is                   For We Walk By Faith

Image result for clipart halloween borders

from Lizzie Kate

a NEW "Halloween Mystery Sampler"

I will give you more information when it becomes available

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From Crossed Wing Collection
As always, simply gorgeous.

Bee Hummingbird
(2016 Commemorative)

From Frony Ritter Designs
These lovely minis feature  garden, wedding, Celtic, baby and Easter motifs. Not only are they cute, but they would be quick to stitch.

Twenty Minis


Image result for clipart REMINDER

The Spring Custom Framing Special is now underway
and will run through April 27th.
During this time, you will receive a 20% discount on all custom frame orders.
A 50% deposit is required and rush orders will not be discounted.