Monday, May 22, 2017

Coming soon!

Just a reminder....The Stitch & Frame Shop will be CLOSED on Monday May 29th in observance of Memorial Day.  Also, there will not be a blog that week, as I will be going on vacation...Yay!!!!! I will be back to blogging on June 5th. 

In the meantime, take a look at these new designs that will be arriving soon. 

From Mill Hill
Two new kit collections.

2017 Buttons & Beads - Winter Series

          Ice Castle                                 Caroling Trio     

      Cozy Feet                                  Police Station  

          Snow Globe                           Holiday Flip Flops 

 2017 Winter Collection (ornaments)

  Holiday Boot                        Christmas Palm

  Down the Chimney                            Gift Tag            

Peppermint Candy                       Christmas Pickle

From My Big Toe
Four great new designs. "Warped Humor" is too funny.

       Seek the Lost                                       Love                

Warped Humor

Battle Hymn of the Republic

From Stoney Creek
Three new designs. Even though I have no place to put it, I really like the "Come Sail Away" design.

             Come Sail Away             Lighthouse of the Month:

Halloween Friends

From Little House Needleworks
I will need to adjust "House Rule". Mine should say "count out twice".

 Early Americans #3                           House Rule      
Martha Washington                                                        

From Country Cottage Needleworks
Two new designs. The second design in the Main Street series and a peek at a very "sweet" sampler.

 Main Street Series #2                      Sweet Sampler       

From Samplers Not Forgotten
What a lovely patriotic sampler. I love the old fashioned bicycle.

From Bobbie G Designs
What a fun, bright, colorful and happy sampler. 


From Madame Chantilly
I love the little motifs in these samplers but the "strawberry" skirt is adorable.

A Walk in the Garden

A Walk to the Sea


              Have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!             

Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Mother's Day....a day late

Happy (belated) Mother's Day to all moms. I hope you had a nice weekend. I wasn't able to see my mother but I did call and talk to her. My kids were great. My daughter took me to breakfast which was a lovely mother/daughter time. I also received a gift card and some chocolate from both my son and daughter. Overall, a great day especially since I didn't have to cook. I was also able to spend some time stitching....yeah!!!!!!

New designs are on the way...take a look :)

From Plum Street Samplers
Four great new designs! My favorite is "Hello Summer". I love the wavy flag.

Sampler House I                         Sampler House II

  Hello Summer                         Mariner's Drum

From Nora Corbett (Mirabilia)
Two new designs in the Pixie Blossom collection.

       Foxglove                                            Bleeding Heart

From SamSarah Design Studio
Now that these two series are finished, I wonder what will be next.

               Out of the Woods - Fox                 Out of the Woods                     
                                                         (all 3 parts)

     Hear it Through the Grapevine               All 3 parts together    
Part 3                                                   

From Threadwork Primitives
A beautiful  friendship design. 

The Road

From Summer House Stitche Workes
Two more designs in the Fragments in Time series. Only two designs left and this series will be done.

2017 Fragments in Time #5

2017 Fragments in Time #6

From Waxing Moon Designs
Too funny! I must not be ashamed of my stash since I am always adding to it.

My Stash is Huge



Monday, May 8, 2017

Happy Monday!

Another week is underway. I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I spent a lot of time outside on Saturday (the weather was simply gorgeous) and I actually spent some time stitching on Sunday. Now, it is Monday again but don't despair, in 4 days it will be Friday. 

Have a great week everyone and make sure to look at some of the new designs that will be arriving in the shop soon. You know you need a new project....right?


From Heartstring Samplery
A beautiful sampler of the Apostle's Creed and a lovely floral pillow with soft colors.

      Apostle's Creed                       All the Pretty Flower

From Bobbie G Designs
The best part about this sampler is that it is done in one color so you could easily change it if you so desired. 

Season Sampler

From AAN (Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks)
I love all the colors and unique patterns in this design.

Flower of Love

From Rosewood Manor
I wonder if there will be a sunset sampler to go with the sunrise? Only time will tell.

  Sunrise                                                     Dreaming of Mums 

From Annie Beez Folk Art
A wonderful sampler full of little bunnies. Love it!

Count Your Blessings

From - From the Heart
The April showers are bringing the May flowers.

 Mini Sampler - April                   Mini Sampler - May

From Death by Thread
Of these three great designs I really have to stitch the one with my motto on it...."Stitch Always". 

Vowel House                                  U & I            

Stitch Always

The Vickery Collection
What sweet carolers. I love the musical note border.

Fa La La

From Amy Bruecken Designs
Uncle Sam and the farm animals are displaying their patriotism. 

Loud and Proud

Long May She Wave