Monday, January 28, 2013

Burrr....... winter finally showed up.

Winter finally arrived this past weekend with some lovely ice. Luckily, it didn't last long (here on Friday...gone on Saturday). What we really need is about 12 inches of snow. However, I doubt that will happen. Now, it's time to gear up for the big game on Sunday.....The Superbowl. I plan to stitch my way through the entire game. This means that I may actually make some progress on my project. I will not start anything else until this current one is done and I am dying to start something new. Here are some new designs that have arrived or will be coming soon.

From Cherished Stitches

Feathered Friends - November

Feathered Friends - December

From Lila's Studio

Verses for Stitchers - Verse #3 Stitch Often

From the Silver Lining


From Val's Stuff

Friends Stick Together

From The Vickery Collection


From With Thy Needle and Thread

Mini Quaker Samplings                        Tell Me Ye Knowing     

From Blue Ribbon Designs

Part 1 of the Mystery Sampler "Blue Jeans & Daisies"
I do not know what parts 2 and 3 will look like (it's a mystery) but so far it looks good.
When all 3 parts are stitched together, it will make a large springtime sampler.
The picture of the entire sampler will be revealed when the 3rd part is released.


When Lizzie Kate first put the template for the big Jingles on her website, the symbols were all mixed up and wrong. This has now been corrected. So if you are stitching all the Jingles together and need the template, the corrected version is now on her website.


Have a great week everyone!

Monday, January 21, 2013

What a quick weekend!

Wow, this past weekend sure did fly by. Of course, being out of town always makes it go faster. Now, I need to play catch up on laundry and grocery shopping. YUCK!!! I really would rather plop myself down on the couch and stitch. Oh well, I will do that tonight.

Here are some new designs for the week. Check out "Vintage Lilies" by From The Heart. I just fell in love with that one!

New from..........

Country Cottage Needleworks

Let Love Bloom

Little House Needleworks

Vanilla & Chocolate

Santa's Village - North Pole Post Office
part 3 of 12

With Thy Needle and Thread

Valentine Sampler

Homespun Elegance

Wondrous Love

A Halloween Year II - January A Hoot

Angel Stitchin'

Let it Snow

From the Heart

Vintage Lilies


  Let's Do Wine                                    Lovely Garden

Sew Every Day

All Aboard

Stacy Nash Primitives

Butternut Tavern

Turquoise Graphics & Design

Mini Autumn Sampler

Dames of the Needle

George Washington

Katidid Designs

Joy to Ewe

Reserved Seating

Just Stitching

The Sampler Girl

Simply Jane Austen Motif Sampler

Tempting Tangles

Cheerful Up Valentine

Cottage Garden Samplings

January's Snowdrop

February's Primrose



Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Jingles" update!

On the last blog, I listed the new designs coming from Lizzie Kate and gave just a small amount of info about the new JINGLES series. Well, I have more detailed info about this series that I wanted to share along with some other new releases. Here it goes......

Here are the facts about the new Jingles series from Lizzie Kate:
  • There are 12 different designs which can be stitched individually or all together.
  • Lizzie Kate will supply a free template to combine everything.
  • Each design will have its own embellishment pack.
  • All designs use the same color palette: red, burgundy, green, pink, aqua, brown, gold & white
  • Individual designs were stitched on 30ct. Natural linen.
  • The group design was stitched on 32ct. Amber linen and has a stitch count of 80w x 369h.
  • Lizzie Kate's finisher, Mona, will post free instructions on a special finishing blog for this series.
Let the shop know if you would like to sign up for this series. 

From Myrtle Grace Motifs

Here Fishy Fishy

From Silver Creek Samplers

Hope of the Heart

Forever Love

From the Stitching Parlor

Her Royal Highness

From Stoney Creek

Memories & Hugs

Dreams & Friends

Love & Kindness

Paradise Banner

Bethlehem Star

God Bless America

From Threadwork Primitives

Endless Hearts

Be Mine

From AAN

       Lace Heart                             Corsettio

From Heartstring Samplery

Sarah Schall Sampler & Companion Sampler

From Just Nan

Winter Typography

The Return of the Amethyst Snowflake

   Peacock Sampler                                  Baby Celebration   

From Kelmscott

Thirteen Stars & Stripes Needle Minder

From Plum Street Samplers

A Red Cottage

From SamSarah Design Studio

Fun Every Day - June (perpetual calendar)

The Flock: Checkerboard
This is the last part in "The Flock" series.

The Flock


Little House Needleworks

HOMETOWN HOLIDAY designs will feature little buildings and scenes that can be framed or made into dimensional objects. This is not going to be a series like the Sheep Virtues or the ornaments that were done in the past. The designs will not come out every month and are not recommended to be stitched all together. The first design is called "My House" and the second one is called "Main Street Station". Obviously, a town is being born. I'll post more pictures and information as it becomes available. This sounds like a wonderful new series...something different! I can't wait to see how it progresses.


Have a great week!!!