Monday, March 25, 2019

Happy Monday!

Spring has officially started....let the pollen season begin! So far, my seasonal allergies haven't kicked in yet but I know they will sooner rather than later. Hopefully, the weather will remain nice and not jump to 90 degrees too soon. 

Here are some new designs that will be arriving soon. Take a look. I know you all need a new project!

From Bobbie G Designs
This is definitely how I would want to go camping. Better yet...a hotel!

Summer Camper

From Tiny Modernist
What a sweet Easter design. 

Happy Easter

From Cottage Garden Samplings
Two beautiful bird designs. The "Peace on Earth" design looks like it is part of the Songbird series but it's not. 

       Peace on Earth                             Songbird's Garden    
                                                              Series #9 - Simplicity

From Tellin Emblem
Two lovely designs with a great verse on each one.

Fruit Square Sampler: Blueberries

Fruit Square Sampler: Pomegranates

From Country Cottage Needleworks
Another addition to the Glitter Village.

Glitter House #6

From Imaginating
Four very different designs from Imaginating. I totally agree with the one that says "I'd Rather Be Stitching".

            Summer Wreath                       Pirate Birth Record     
I'd Rather Be Stitching

I'd Rather Be By the Sea

From Erica Michaels
More beauties from Erica Michaels. Love the Sunshine Berry!

     Abra Lowney 1825                 All Through the Night

  Defining Spring                       My Refuge             

         Needle Berry - Linen          Sunshine Berry - Linen  

From Luminous Fiber Arts
Fun seasonal designs!

   Spooky October                     Snow Many Friends

             Cardinal Noel               Bluebird's Message



Monday, March 18, 2019

It's Monday...again!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. The weather was wonderful so I spent some time outside but I also found some time to stitch. I'm anxious to start something new but I really want to finish what I have started. I may work just a little more on this project and then take a break and do something small.

Here are some new designs that will be arriving soon.

From Nora Corbett
New additions to the Intriguing Insects collection. I'm not sure about the beetle but Miss Ladybug is cute.

    Miss Beetle                             Miss Ladybug

From Stoney Creek
What great tractors!

     Big Red                           Green Acres                Persian Puller

From Little House Needleworks
The second part in the Jack Frost's Tree Farm series.

Jack Frost's Tree Farm #2 - Douglas Fir

From Abby Rose Designs
Two very sweet spring designs. The bunny is cute but the sampler with the tulips is my favorite of the two.

Bunny and Tulips

From Jardin Prive
How cute is this? Looks like the rabbit has his hands full.

Vivement Paques

From Annie Beez Folk Art
The second design in a 9 part snowman series. Love his happy face.

Snowy 2

From Tralala
Some seasonal sheep and a pair of spring rabbits. The rabbit with her pink parasol is just adorable.

Automne Et Hiver

Printemps Et Ete

Duo Lapin


Have a great week!

Monday, March 11, 2019

Coming soon!

Yep, that is what I look like after last week. Ughhh. I'm still tired and the time change did not help matters. Peggy, Carol and I made it back from Nashville and brought back lots of goodies. Come and take a look. If you can't come in person, then be sure to check the "what's new" and "just arrived" sections to see all the new items. 

Amazingly enough there is more on the way. Take a look below at more new designs that will be arriving soon.


From Mill Hill
This new series of kits features brightly colored butterflies and dragonflies.

"Flying Colors" by Laurel Burch

 Butterfly Fuchsia                        Dragonfly Lime 

    Butterfly Capri                       Dragonfly Fuchsia

  Butterfly Lime                         Dragonfly Capri

From The Needle's Notion
How cute is this! 19 different forest animals and birds are celebrating Christmas. This double sided, cone-shaped design includes seasonal greetings that hang from bead-embellished boughs. A sparkling dimensional star tops the 9 1/2-inch-tall tree. 

Woodland Yule

From - From the Heart
What a sweet baby sampler. The monthly squares look like my kind project...quick!

Sweet Baby

January Squared                     February Squared

March Squared                        April Squared

May Squared

From Annalee Waite Designs
This beautiful piece makes me wish for spring to hurry and arrive. 

Garden Path

From Abby Rose Designs
A nice sampler with a nice saying. Love the red house.

Glad Hearts

From Tiny Modernist
The Easter Bunny's house if filling up nicely. Only one more part to go.

Easter Bunny House Parts 2 and 3

From Val's Stuff
Want to start thinking about Halloween? Here are three "spooktacular" designs to add to your ghoulish collection.

Spooky Places

               Fright Night                    You're Freakin' Meowt